My Friend Request


I wrote this as a follow up to this Facebook post. People have talked shit about me my whole life. In high school, walking through the halls, I was called a slut. I couldn’t go to parties because I was afraid I would be beaten up by the girls who turned on me when I… Read More

Today, I Have.


I love the internet. And that I invested nearly ten years to create programs and products I believe in so much. And that I was willing to fall off my horse and get back on and keep riding. I feel grateful that today I am willing to invest my life and money into making sure… Read More

The business advice you requested.

ali and alexis 2

I’m writing to you from Santa Cruz, where I am on the first leg of a whirlwind tour of California. It starts here at Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs’ JV Retreat for the Conscious Business Leader community. Then, out to the Santa Cruz mountains for a top secret meeting about a community/land development project I… Read More

Falling in love?


I’ve got love on the brain and in my heart this week. In the midst of all the transition with Kiva and Amrita leaving and as I go about the business of removing their images from our banners, I notice my heart wanting to close, my mind wanting to judge and to create stories. My… Read More

Overwhelm is an interesting word.

I’m noticing a lot of comments in our Facebook group about people feeling overwhelmed, and so I wanted to write to you today to bring you some peace and relaxation. Overwhelm is an interesting word. My sense of it is that we feel overwhelmed when we are unclear about what comes next or what exactly to… Read More

Awesomenessfest: Appreciating Your Greatest Asset

Awesomenessfest Rockstar Crew - Lara Berg - Eyes Wide Open Life Blog

When I was asked to write a blog about my experience at and with Awesomenessfest, I knew that I wanted to step outside the box. At first, I thought, “okay, I’ll post a recap of the event, about my involvement, and what is has brought into my life. Oh, and include some photos and what… Read More

My Birthday Prayer for You

my birthday prayer

Dear Friend, I’m 41 today. And am celebrating a quite successful 40th year. I woke up this morning thinking of you, though… What could I possibly give you, or say to you to inspire you to BELIEVE, deep down in your soul, without a shadow of doubt, that you can have the life you want,… Read More

Eyes Wide Open Afest Fun Facts

Afest fun facts

Here at Eyes Wide Open, we hold Awesomenessfest very near and dear to our hearts. Here are a bit of Afest + EWO Fun Facts: Ali and Kiva created their official EWO partnership at Afest 2013 in the Dominican Republic. Lara and Kiva met for the first time in person at Afest last year in… Read More