The 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes

Entrepreneurial Archetypes for the Money Map

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A Day in the Life of a Transformational Leader


I used to have this idea that once I was a transformational leader, my life would be like what I imagine Wayne Dyer’s and Suze Orman’s lives and businesses are like … In this dream/vision, I’d be the perfect cross between the two of them. I’d spend my day writing books, appearing on television and… Read More

How Can a Million Dollar Plus Business Fail?

How a Million Dollar Business Can Fail

As you likely know by now if you’ve spent any time around these parts, I’ve hit the same level in my businesses 3 times now. I’ve broken 7-figures, time and time again, which for most people would be the ultimate in next level success. But we all have our easy to get to thermostat and… Read More

What Happens When You Choose to Invest

Choosing to Invest

Each and every time I have made a decision to invest in growing my business (or even in my own personal growth), a couple of things happen shortly thereafter. First … something immediately comes up to make me question my decision. Usually, it’s something that impacts me financially. I’ve seen other folks say that they… Read More

My Next Big Investment

My Next Big Investment

In yesterday’s blog post, I shared that I’m about to make my next big investment in my business and I’m in the midst of that ‘big gulp’ that comes right before it. My mind is going nuts with all the reasons this is a BAD idea. I could lose all my money. It could fail…. Read More