Signs You Are on the Path to Liberation

the path to liberation

I’ve been told that living out loud with two names and two completely different personas was the worst idea ever. Confusing. Horrible for my brand. And that I should pick one and hide the other, or better yet, kill one off. Just the idea of that was horrifying. Ali Shanti and Alexis Neely and even Alexis Martin Neely are all integral… Read More

Going to Your Edge: Lessons from Apogaea

Ali Shanti Apogaea Speaking

I’m Alexis Neely. Here at the festivals, I’m known as Ali Shanti. Recently, I was at Apogaea, which is a regional Burning Man Festival. What a great opportunity for our children to really experience something and learn something about “going to your edge” in a completely safe container. I have both my kids here: my… Read More