The Path of Liberation for the Sage/Guide Archetype

Sage-Guide (2)

Here at the Eyes Wide Open Collective we work with all different kinds of professionals who typically “practice” to turn their practices into businesses they love, that provide flexibility, freedom and maximum impact. These professionals include therapists, lawyers, bookkeepers, accountants, naturopaths, nutritionists, consultants and others like them who live to serve, have full practices and… Read More

Being a Pioneer of Love


I am an intrepid Pioneer of Love… Passionately devoted to peeling back the moment in order to discover the deeper untold beauty that lies beneath the surface layers of interaction.  Incessantly curious, my endless explorations into the vast and uncharted terrain of what it is to fully embody as love on this planet have revealed… Read More

The Gift in What’s Hard in Life and Business


Dearest One, I  wanted to take a moment to reach out and offer you the support, love and guidance I have so often wished someone would offer to me in a time of struggle. I am here to support you in making the leap and saying ‘yes’ to what you want, even though it’s really, really,… Read More

Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Sweigh Spilkin


I’ve always been an inside-out kind of person. More interested in the “why” behind what I do then in the “how.” As a healer, mentor, and guide for other healers, my true training ground has been my inner journey through illness and back into wholeness. My work in the world is the way in which… Read More