Loveletter: Worst advice ever?

paying off debt & saving for retirement

Recently, a guy tagged me on Twitter and said: I totally get why he would say that. It’s certainly not what the mainstream financial advisers are teaching. How can I possibly be teaching that people should stop worrying about paying off debt and saving for retirement? Because I know that if most people follow the traditional… Read More

How to Make Money in the New Economy


Money is a means for communicating value. It is a communications technology, like a telephone, or email. Thus, making money means making communications about our values. In the old economy, only central banks are granted the authority to issue money directly, so their values tend to override everyone else’s. By issuing money with interest, they… Read More

The True Liberation of Desire

The Maha Yogi, Mahavatar Babaji

[This is my response to Alexis' article, Are the Roots of Desire the Source of our Power? I shared it with her privately and we decided that we would post our dialogue publicly, so that you may witness our own evolutionary processes & differentiation in perspectives...] This is a false teaching being perpetuated by women in the modern day…. Read More

Are the Roots of Our Desire the Source of Our Power?

embracing your desire

I had a session recently in which I got to stand in the place of three archetypical women who have come to me repeatedly. 1. The woman who is not in relationship and longs to be, oftentimes compromising herself to be someone she thinks she needs to be so she will be loved by a man OR… Read More

How to Come into Alignment in Your Life

Alignment… what is it and how can you have it… I’m going to share all of it with you today in a video I recorded as a bonus to our free training series. When you pull all the pieces of yourself into alignment, it’s nearly impossible to pull you off course. {Tweet It!} Watch this video… Read More

How to Have What You REALLY Want

how to have what you really want

Are you realizing your deepest desires? Are you living the life of your dreams? Is your life and business everything you’d imagined it would be? Or are you like I was, stuck wondering how you can have what you really want? Here’s a video recorded to help a friend answer that very question. Take a… Read More