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It‘s Time to come into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid so you can Stop Worrying About Saving for Retirement and Paying Off Your Debt & Instead Get the Tools, Training and Support You Need to Build an Income You Can Count On, Doing Meaningful Work in the World …
for the Rest of Your Ever!

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You are ready to come into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid so you can stop compromising your life and your work for or because of the size of your bank account.

The Money Map™ will guide you to earn your income (based on your personal Entrepreneurial Archetype & your unique Money Map numbers) in complete alignment with who you are and how you want to be in the world.

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Alexis Neely

My name is Alexis Neely.

Not so long ago, I was working 6-7 days a week in an office, missing my children‘s lives, not taking care of myself and doing business in a way that simply felt, well, bad.

Even though I was making good money, I was constantly afraid of running out of money. I knew I wouldn‘t have enough for retirement and I was racking up debt like crazy.

It all came to a head in 2009 … by that time, I had written a best-selling book, built not just one but TWO million dollar businesses, and we would do $2,000,000 in revenue that year.

I was appearing on all the top television shows (Good Morning America, Today Show, O‘Reilly Factor, On the Money and more).

And I was miserable. (I know, get out the tiny violin and start playing, right?)

I was trapped by the trappings of success. My income relied on me showing up in a way that was out of alignment with who I really was and how I wanted to be in the world.

My relationship with my kids was growing more and more disconnected. They were 7 and 10 - the ages at which I had promised myself I would stop working so much and be their mom.

But I couldn‘t stop because my businesses would crumble if I did.

While I loved doing television, I hated the way I was showing up there — often to gossip about celebrities, rather than to make the world a better place.

I wanted to write edgy things, be totally transparent, let my inner freak out.

Each time I did, I‘d hear about it from my team

“Alexis, you can‘t do that. You can‘t say that.
You can‘t write that. You can‘t wear that. You‘ll hurt the business.

I had started my business, at least in part, so I could be free.

And, yet, I was more trapped than ever. The “trappings of success” had me locked and loaded.

I knew there was something greater, but I had no idea how to discover what it was.

So I did the most radical thing I could with the intention of figuring it out.

I gave it all up. Let it all go. Walked away.

I fired my team, shrank my businesses back to what I could manage on my own, stopped taking on any private clients (or doing anything solely for the money), moved to a farm and set out on a journey to discover who I really was, how I wanted to be, and what was actually true about money, saving, debt, time, and business.

What I discovered was life-changing.

Today, both businesses have been re-built from the ground up in total alignment with my personal Money Map numbers and my defined Entrepreneurial Archetypes and personal Archetype Path.

I am no longer trapped. I can be fully who I am at all times, even when that looks really weird.

And believe me, it often looks weird.

The relationship with my kids is better than it has ever been. We love spending time together. I have a partner I can give my full attention to and several communities I am part of in Boulder, CO, where I live. I travel frequently.

I have time for all of it.

Oh yes, and money. Plenty of it.

But I don‘t have to hoard it. I am able to create what I need, when I need it, on demand. And let it flow through, keep it in circulation, investing in what really matters to me most, rather than sitting in the bank for a rainy day.

I no longer worry (well, not that often) about not having enough. The companies support 20+ people and pay me very well to do what I am best at.

I‘m writing my next book, work from home (or wherever me and my laptop may be) and travel quite a lot.

I am personally sovereign. Dependent on no one. Interdependent with many. Secure in the knowledge that I can generate what I need, when I need it, on demand.

I No Longer Compromise For (or Because) Of Money — That Is Financial Liberation

I was so stiff!

And I share this with you, not to brag, but to let you know you can have it too.

It will require a radical re-thinking of what you have learned about money, debt, saving, business, selling, and marketing.

We have the tools to re-tool your awareness so you can be financially liberated too.

The Money Map™ is where you start.

You‘ve Seen Alexis On…

Today, View from the Bay, Oreilly, Fox, Good Morning America, CNBC, The Morning Show, npr,,

When You Begin Your Money Map™, Alexis and the Eyes Wide Open Team Will Take You By the Hand and Guide You Step-By-Step to come into right alignment with time, money and how you get paid so you can build a custom-designed for you, sustainable income you can count on for life — doing work that is absolutely in alignment with your ideal life.

The key to your financial liberation is knowing with total clarity and confidence that you can create the income you want and need on demand, without compromising who you are or how you want to be in the world.

The Money Map™ is your step by step guide to that confidence and clarity.

The Money Map™ is For You If:

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The Money Map was the catalyst for my first $20,000 month.”

Tara Gentile

What is the Money Map™?

There are two phases to the Money Map Program. Phase one is called Self-Discovery, Truth-Telling and Entrepreneurial Architecture because you've got to start there if you want to build an income you can count on (and will love) for life.

Phase one is all about clarity. It starts with total clarity about what you really, really, really, REALLY want for your life. You get to see where you are in alignment with that, where you aren't and I take you through a process for getting into more truth about what you want than you ever have been before. This part goes far beyond your career and into your whole life design.

Then we look at what it will cost for you to have that life. And this is where we get into personal finance. But in a way that is far different than the norm because we are putting your life first.

And not just looking at the money piece, but your time (which is a far more valuable and limited resource). This is also where you get access to our money map tool to identify your money map numbers. This can feel like personal finance, but way more fun.

From there, we move into the resources (beyond your time) that you have to earn your money map numbers.

And then you determine your entrepreneurial archetype so you can come into right alignment with how you get paid.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you can use the entrepreneurial archetypes and entrepreneurial principles to bring how you get paid into full alignment with the life you really want.

Finally, we have a bonus module on discovering, clarifying and confirming your purpose, one on human design and a manifestation workshop. These all add greatly to your self-knowledge and awareness.

Phase 2 is the income-builder's program and you'll only need that once you decide to build an income around your entrepreneurial archetype and archetype path.

During phase 2, we will build on your self-discovery, truth-telling and entrepreneurial architecture to guide you to price and package your services (and never charge hourly for your time again), design your ideal enrollment structures, marketing strategies, team support and legal, insurance, financial and tax systems plus support you to create a strategic vision plan around it all.

When you complete Phase 2, you will know exactly how to offer your services, who to offer them to, how to structure your time, what to put on your website, where to market your services, what team support you need, the legal, insurance, financial and tax structures you need and have a step by step plan for specifically what to do next, then next after that, and next after that ... that you will update and refer to for the rest of your life.

Self-Discovery + Truth-telling =
Your Path to Financial Liberation

Here‘s just a small taste of what we‘ll cover in the
first Phase of the Money Map™ program — we call it Self-Discovery, Truth-Telling, and Entrepreneurial Architecture

Module 1.

Getting to the Truth:

What Do You Really, Really, Really, REALLY Want?

Get more clear than you have ever been before about the life you really want to live beyond all worry, doubt, fear, guilt, shame or ego. Soon, you will no longer need to compromise for (or because) of money.

Module 2.

The Key to It All:

Your Personal Money Map Numbers

Once you know the life you really want to have, you can chart a path to it … and when you know exactly what you need to earn to have the life you want at 4 different dimensions, you are on your way to creating exactly that, with ease instead of struggle.

Module 3.


Prioritizing Your Most Valuable Resource

If you are sacrificing your time to make money, this module is going to change your life. You'll see exactly what you need to shift to take back control of your time and energy while still earning exactly what you need.

Module 4.

Generating Possibilities:

Discover the Real (often Hidden) Resources Available to You

Most people have "money dysmorphia" - and exactly the way an anorexic girl looks in the mirror and sees a fat body no matter how thin she gets, you look in your bank account and think you don't have enough and it wouldn't change no matter how much you had. Module 4 is your cure. You'll become tapped into hidden resources that you are shocked to discover you have access to right now - and know how and when to access them.

Module 5.

Entrepreneurial Architecture:

Your Entrepreneurial Archetypes and Personal Archetype Path

Whether you want to be in business for yourself or not, how you get paid for what you do and what you create is the key to your personal sovereignty. There's 8 archetypes and an infinite variety of archetype paths. When you discover yours, you will know exactly how to build your income so your life becomes truly meaningful.

Module 6.

Discovering, Clarifying, and Confirming Your Purpose:

This module, co-taught with Eleanor Tara, will open you up to a new way of seeing the reason you are here on this planet at this time. You'll complete Phase One with your eyes wide open.


You’re protected by our

It‘s-Gotta-Be-Right-For-You Guarantee.

I‘m confident that when you purchase The Money Map to Freedom Transformation Program, you will be thrilled. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will build your business model on a foundation that works for you, your life, your family, the people you serve and your Great Work!

Here‘s the thing, I want to be totally transparent with you about… everything. If this program isn‘t right for you where you‘re at right now, I want you to invest your money in what IS right for you. Sometimes that‘s hard to know until you get a taste. So, my invitation is for you to go through ALL of Module 1 and Module 2, and show up for one of the Eyes Wide Open Consulting Calls and do the work –really do it. At that point if it doesn‘t feel like this program is 100% right for you and is going to transform your life and business, all you have to do is show us you have done the work, send us the materials back and request your money back — there‘s no time limit on this guarantee. Do the work and if it doesn‘t work for you, we‘ll give you your money back!

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I am LOVING this Money Map to Freedom Course. Wow, amazing! So many juicy insights coming up while I‘m going through the exercises.”

– Laura Hollick

Bonus: #1 Money Map Tool #1: Online Truth-Telling & Business Model Building Tool for Charting Your Own Money Map to Freedom

When you enroll now, you will also receive a 30-day complimentary membership in our Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle Soul level program with access to our private member's forum, live coaching and behind the scenes access to our strategic team meetings.

Join us now and use the Money Map to discover the financial liberation that comes from knowing you can create the income you need, as you need it, on demand -- without selling your soul to do it.

From my heart,