7-Days to Create the Future You Want ...
With Eyes Wide Open Clarity + Awareness of What You Have and How to Use It, So You Can Be In Your Right Role as a Creator of the Economy


The Intensive is a No-Financial Cost Offering of Ali Katz + Eyes Wide Open Life


In this FREE Intensive, You Will…

  • Understand your critically important role, as a creator of the economy ... so you don't get left behind with the coming economic shifts.
  • Know exactly where to invest your time, energy, attention and money next so you and your family will be fully supported, no matter what happens.
  • Discover your power to create the better world we all want to live into, together ... so we can create a "we" economy rather than an "I" economy.

  • Stop chasing money, or trying to figure out how to make enough so your money can earn money on it's money or how you can get rich ... or wasting your genius on an incessant focus on money, and use what you have wisely now.

  • Time is short for us to wake up from the "financial freedom" myth and start experiencing liberation now. Please sign up so we can get started.

Our Access to Resources is a Privilege

When there is so much happening in the world that we don’t understand, it's more important than ever that we are fully empowered to have the self-trust necessary to make wise decisions with what we do have…
What you can understand and step into powerfully is your relationship with and control over your own resources, and your right role as a creator of the economy.

Any guilt or shame that you feel about money?

Having it… not using it in the best way… having a dysfunctional relationship with it… Isn’t useful when it comes to creating less overwhelm, worry and angst in your life.

Any guilt or shame that you feel about money?

(We call these your TEAM resources, and it’s your job to manage it all wisely.)

Are you ready?!

Let’s get you crystal clear now so you can forge a new relationship with your resources and become a 100% conscious creator of the future you are here to create now. Money is infinite, when you know how to access it.

Together, let’s remove any guilt/shame/overwhelm/fear from your relationship with money, credit, debt, a future inheritance, how you earn your money, and what you do with your time, energy and attention…

And forge a plan to build a better future for yourself and for the world. Together, we can.


Hi, I'm Ali

And for the better part of 20 years in my work as an attorney, entrepreneur and private advisor to families and business owners, I’ve been helping people see their resources (financial and otherwise) in a new way.

I am a stand for creating more balance and harmony in the world, a passionate advocate for a world that works for everyone, and a true believer that you have the exact resources you need to do exactly what is yours to do…

If you align your resources properly. 

After scaling all of the heights of traditional success – including building two million dollar businesses, writing a best-selling book, and appearing all over on TV and radio as a family, financial and legal expert – I came to discover that none of it meant anything, if I was coming from the wrong place.

I discovered that I had a faulty relationship with money that would mean I never had enough (no matter how much I made), and that this scarcity thinking permeates our culture and causes us to collectively make poor decisions about how we use our resources in service to a life of true meaning.

So, I walked away from it all to discover what was true about money.

And what I discovered was shocking.

I discovered that Money Dysmorphia — a distorted view of money — is driving far too many of us, myself included, to create a reality that can simply never be fulfilling.

And here’s the scariest thing I discovered: the people who most believe they aren’t motivated by money are the most impacted by Money Dysmorphia, and living in a false reality that is subconsciously replicating exactly what we don’t want.

Once I saw this, I could not rest until I found the cure for this distortion. And, I did.

Today, I work with money (and all of my resources) consciously in my own life, and as a result, I am able to stand fully in my role as a creator of the economy, while still seeing the places I get to heal. I want that for you too, because we can no longer afford for the people who are coming from the heart to be confused about money.

I’ll be sharing it all with you, in detail, during the 7-day Intensive, so you can see where Money Dysmorphia may be operating in your own life, and cure it, once and for all.

If you are committed to creating a life of true fulfillment, a legacy of real meaning, and using your resources in service to a world that works for all, especially and including you!

…I hope you will join me.






The Journey to Financial Liberation

Stop Chasing Financial Freedom Trap and Experience Financial Liberation Now

The quest for financial freedom is a setup of the media and financial services industries to keep us trapped in a cycle of consumption and saving and investing that isn't in service to ourselves, our families, or our planet.

It's great for “them” as it fuels a massive machine that we are all watching break down one nut and bolt at a time. But, it's not great for us as it costs us our lives, and it isn't sustainable. Once we see it, we can learn to utilize the existing system without being trapped by it.

It starts with learning the 4 stages of the Journey to Financial Liberation, so you can map where you are on the journey and step into your full powers as a creator of your path.


Your Role as a Creator of the Economy

Make the Shifts Necessary to Step Into Your Role

You've been trained to consume rather than create, to react rather than to be responsible, and to be subject to what's happening in the economy, rather than to know your role as a creator of the economy. On Day 2 of the intensive, we change all that. Once you know your role, and the power you have, you can't unknow … this session will give you the eyes to see, and the heart to feel, what you've been aware of, but perhaps haven't been able to put words to about why you are so unclear when it comes to money.


Eyes Wide Open:

Understand Life's Tests + How You've Been Programmed

If you ever ask yourself, why do I keep spending everything I make, or how come I'm so stressed when it comes to money, or how come every time I make a big plan for my business, something happens to take me off course … or how come I worry about money constantly … this session will show you what's happening, so you can recognize that you are on the right path, and stay focused on where you want to go and what you are here to create.


Generate What You Need

The first stage on the Journey to Financial Liberation: Generate

Most of us either skipped learning how to generate what we need, or knowing what we need, or how to generate in alignment with our values. So we'll break it all down on Day 4, and you can begin to understand exactly what you need, and how to generate it, in full alignment with your values.


Steward What You Have

Be Your Own Best Advisor — First and Foremost

When you know how to take care of what you have, Life gives you more. When you don't, Life takes what you have, so you can go back and learn how to steward less. Either way, it's part of the journey … and it's a spiral path, so you always get another chance. But, if you learn to steward and care for what you have, Life doesn't have to take it from you first. This session will show you the way.


Detach From What Is Holding You Back

Detachment is a phase of the journey we all get to experience as we uplevel from one set of beliefs and understandings to a new level of clarity and awareness. It can be very confusing, and can leave you feeling lost, unless you understand what's happening and why, and see it for what it is. You'll leave Day 6 with a lot more awareness and understanding of what's happening.


Liberate ...

With clear next steps and understanding of where to go from here.

The 4th stage of the journey to financial liberation is liberate, and it's a time for celebration and preparation for the next turn of the wheel. Most of us skip it because we don't know how to celebrate very well, or if we do, we could get stuck in too much celebration and miss the next turn that's coming. Remember, it's a spiral path … the only place to get to is the awareness and clarity of who you are, why you are here, and what's yours to do next. Thank you for waking up and being here now.


This self-study course will awaken you...

Here’s what I know about gaining clarity around who we are, why we are here, and what’s yours to do and then creating change in our lives to live into this reality for ourselves…

If we go it alone, it’s really easy to get lost along the way, and build upon past traumas and lack of self-trust, reinforcing the old patterns that have been passed on for generations. I know because it’s happened for me.

But, when we do it together, with our eyes wide open, we can step into empowered sovereignty with clear vision and insight to build self-trust and repair our (and our parents, and their parents and so on) past mistakes. 


Join Us. We Create the Economy. And, Together We Rise!


“By being willing to wake up, face where my consciousness needed an uplevel, and then actually make the shifts inside of myself to bring out the congruence and alignment that is the truth of who I’ve always known myself to be, but wasn’t very good at living in the real world.”
Cathy Lynn
“I created more time for my vision by retiring 2 years early – helps to a degree, but now I need this tool to be clear about my non-renewables. Mind in service to Heart.
Thanks so much Ali for this clarity…”
James Visser
“I can see so much of my struggle with money & business has been lack of self-trust. With your teachings I am now going to dream bigger and create the vision that my heart wants to bring into being. I also loved how transparent you’ve been in sharing your own mistakes and lessons.”
Angelina DeWeese


Money is infinite, when you know how to work with it wisely. Let's make sure you do.