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Stop Saving For Retirement, Start Investing For Your Future Now

invest in living now

The sad reality is that the only people who get wealthy on your retirement savings are the heads of the financial industry.
You know the truth: there is no possible way you can save enough for retirement.

Between inflation, the current cost of living relative to income, the performance in the stock market and other traditional investments, and the fact that we are living longer, there's just no way you'll have enough money saved to support you from the magical day of “retirement” through to the end of your life. 

It's time to let go of this outdated notion and embrace another plan.

A plan that takes control out of the hands of your financial advisor and puts it back into your hands. 

Redirect your savings into investments you can count on, literally.

1. Invest in the next generation. 

Whether you have kids or not, get friendly with the youth who will be the ones to care for you in your elder years. 

Learn to be a mentor now. 

Create structures that nurture the youth to be the ones you want caring for you.

Invest in their growth, not by sending them to college to become factory workers, but by helping them to discover and live their dreams now.

2. Invest in living your dreams now. 

You are here, at this time, because you have a gift to give. I call it your Great Work. 

Chances are, you put it aside in favor of paying the bills, saving for retirement and paying off debt.
You have convinced yourself you'll do what you really want when you retire. 

Your life is wasting away and you know it. 

Retire now.

Discover how to earn exactly what you need, as you need it, doing work you love.

That's financial liberation.

3. Invest in what really matters.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs — are they really going to get you where you want to go? Are they going to be there for you in your elder years? Can you really count on them? 

No, you can't. 

And that's why we advocate investing in the REAL economy. It starts with investing in things that you'll need to support you for the rest of your life. Making investments in what can never be taken from you. 

It starts with investing in creating an income stream by providing services and/or products that make you sing with joy and that you can see doing forever and ever.

Once you know how to do that, you are golden. You no longer have to rely on investment vehicles you don't understand and only exist to make other people rich. 

Instead, you know true wealth. Waking up every day, doing what you love, not worrying about not having enough saved because you get to offer your gift in exchange for the money you need for life.

We have two ways to support you with that right now. Both have a short turn around and you've probably been hearing about them, but let this be exactly what you need to hear to make a decision.

Please share your comments below.

To your true long-term self-sufficiency, lots of love,

Financial Freedom is a Lie – Experience Financial Liberation Today

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You're probably sick and tired of wondering if you'll experience the financial freedom you long for, especially if:

  • You’re stuck in a job because you need the money;
  • You’ve escaped the 9-5 wheel but you’re not quite making it financially;
  • You’re making good money, but not through sharing your Great Work and gifts with the world or you have to hide parts of yourself to keep earning what you need;
  • You’ve built your own successful business but feel trapped by it instead of inspired.

Financial freedom suggests that one day when you've saved enough money or invested in enough assets, then you'll have freedom.  

Then, you can leave the job you hate, then you can stop working that business model that doesn't work for you, then you'll be able to feel good.  

Finally. Then.

Bullshit. The truth is that you have a sneaking suspicion that you'll never have enough to be truly free. Not on your current trajectory. And, if you ever do, by the time you do, it'll be too late to enjoy it and live this one precious life you've been given to the fullest.

Financial Liberation vs. Financial Freedom

In contrast to your never-ending quest for financial freedom, you can experience financial liberation right now.

No matter how much you've got saved for retirement (or don't), no matter how much you have put away for a rainy day, or saved up to pass on to your kids, whether you've got $1 in the bank or $1,000,000, some simple shifts in your mindset can liberate you from the chase and allow you to live your best life starting today.

Isn't that truly the freedom you are seeking? The freedom of knowing that you can make your life choices driven by what you truly want, seeing money as the fuel for your heart projects and creative dreams, rather than the compass that drives your life?

If so, it's time to shift your chase for financial freedom into creating a true plan for financial liberation now.

Financial liberation happens when you know you can earn what you need, when you need it, on demand, doing meaningful work and being all of who you truly are.

When you’ve got this kind of certainty, you can work from anywhere, you don’t have to hoard resources in savings or retirement, and you can wake up every day totally tapped into your creativity and joy ready to serve with your very best gifts and be all of who you are in the process.

So, how do you actually reach this place I'm calling financial liberation?

Financial Liberation means you deeply know and trust (with a clear plan, not just based on a wing and a prayer) that all the resources you need are within reach and can be accessed at will.

It starts with absolute clarity about the “what” of the life you really want to live, getting into truth about what that NOW life costs you and how much time you really have to create it, what the NEXT life you want looks like, what it'll cost to have it, and how much time you have to create it.

Then, we completely re-design your relationship to time, money and how you get paid.

You'll know you are “there” when there's no more “mind spin” around whether you have enough, are getting paid enough, are on the right track or are using your resources in the best way for the life you want to live.

You'll reclaim all that wasted creative energy and KNOW with absolute clarity what you are doing, why you are doing it, what resources you need, how to access them, and be able to move forward with powerful (and often vulnerable) action that you are certain is totally right-aligned.

If you can feel the power in KNOWING so you can stop the mind spin once and for all, and know you've got a life plan to use your resources with absolute clarity in service to the life you are here to live, get started with our Money Map Life and Income Planning Series here.

Getting to know what's really true for you and building your life and income on a foundation of truth is what sets you free – stop chasing financial freedom and step into financial liberation today.

ali Alexis Neely is a new economy personal finance expert on a mission to guide you to live your best life now by taking back your creative energy from the false quest for financial freedom.  Alexis is recognized as a leading entrepreneurial strategist bringing forth a new economy paradigm for your personal finance and business decisions.

After achieving massive “conventional” success, including national television appearances, a best-selling book, and building two million-dollar businesses, Alexis let it all go on a quest to deconstruct what works in business and what needs to be massively transformed. She has since helped thousands of entrepreneurs (and those who want to be) to create the lives and incomes they really want – a life and income that allows you to do what you love every day, be all of who you are, and achieve new heights of true wealth and success on your own terms.

Alexis is thrilled to offer you the Money Map Life and Income Planning Series. Begin your deep relationship with truth and come into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid. This is a crucial system that will guide you to use your resources (time, energy, attention and money — we call them your TEAM resources) so you can shift from seeing money as the compass that tells you where to go into understanding and using it as the fuel for a life worth living. Get started here:

I Gave Away the Whole Freakin’ Company – Here’s Why

12247_10151364782403428_368153864_nThis is one of those posts people stick around here for. After you read it, I'd love it if you offer a comment about what you got from it.

For more than a year, I had been looking for a solution.

How could the Eyes Wide Open Life business be run by someone other than me so I could focus on our lawyer training company, raising my kids and having a life?

Running two businesses had become simply untenable. I was losing my shit. I had spoken at Lisa Sasevich's Speak to Sell event, sold 77 units of our product and the team I had hired to support me massively screwed it all up. (That's a whole other story I'll have to share with you some day so you don't make the same mistakes we did.)

I felt as if I needed to micromanage everything. And all I wanted to do was run. 

But the work was too important.  New economy business models, enlightened and empowered legal, insurance, financial and tax foundations — who else would do it if I didn't?

So (with a whole lot of crying, looping and support from Craig), I let it all go. I moved to the farm, stopped taking on private clients, and filed bankruptcy. 

I needed a clean slate.

Time to figure out what I would do and who I would be if I didn't have any financial pressure whatsoever.I had never been in a situation where I wasn't making decisions from a place of “needing” money.

Who would I be if I didn't need to make money?  What would I do if I was truly financially liberated? 

You can see the journey of that journey if you watch the season of the Whole Truth Show, that we recorded during that time.

During that time, I concluded that someone other than me had to be better at running the business of bringing this work into the world than I was.

So, I entered into an agreement with a good friend of mine, Rachel Rofe, to partner on Eyes Wide Open, with the intention that it would be the entity to keep bringing Money Map, LIFT and my coaching into the world.

She is a well known internet marketer and I thought for sure she could handle the back end of the business. She did too.

Except that it turned out she's a Star Archetype like me. She didn't want to be behind the scenes. She wanted to be out front.

So, we decided to split (in the very best way possible) and I was back to the drawing board.

I considered selling the assets, but it was really too dependent on me.  And with my past experience with selling a business and seeing it run into the ground, that didn't feel right.

Fast forward a few months and Danielle Seville came into my life.

I didn't know it at the time, but I would eventually give her my business.

And that's just what I did.

Danielle has been running Eyes Wide Open Life for the past several months, recently stepping into the role of CEO, but it was clear she wanted to own it.  And the only thing keeping that from happening was that she didn't have the money or credit to buy-in.

But over the past several months, she showed me I could trust her to represent the work in the best possible way.

So, I gave it to her.

Not without parameters.  And a lengthy agreement process.

But, bottom line, Danielle now receives all profits from Eyes Wide Open Life (which sells Money Map, LIFT and my time via Eyes Wide Open Coaching and other programs), she pays me a consulting fee & a licensing fee and then gets to decide what to do with the rest.

We talked in depth about how we came to this agreement and why, how it fits in with the new economy, pay what you want models of value exchange, and why it works for both of us on our last Eyes Wide Open All Access Team training (every Tuesday we let our members watch our team trainings).

If you want in on those (and you really do), watch this space for when we open it again.

In the meantime, you might want to check out this info about one of the ONLY reasons I've had this much flexibility on what to do with my businesses and getting my Great Work out into the world … this new video series from Eben Pagan:

We'll be interviewing him on May 24, at 1pmPT, so save that date now. Eben is a GREAT teacher and this'll be a rare opportunity to listen in on a conversation with me & him. If you want to get the invitation to that call, join our email list (and get a free gift too) and we'll send it to you when we announce it.