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Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Lisa Fabrega

lisaBefore the Business Priestess Mistressmind I was running a multiple six figure business with wait lists on virtually all of my services—this may sound great to you, but I was heading down the road to burnout.  I knew my model was not scalable or aligned with the vision my business was calling me into.   At the point that I spoke with Amrita about the Mistressmind, the 1:1 coaching model was just not working for me anymore.  I needed a way to scale my business in a way that felt in integrity and in alignment with how I believe in giving value to my tribe of followers, that would keep me authentic and in my truth in service to my community and I needed some support on building some solid structures for this next level in my business, which were new to me as I had never attempted to scale to this level before.  I was needing some brainstorming and advisement in how to build the proper, aligned foundation for the empire I am being called to build while still living a life with plenty of room for LIVING.  I want to love and live my life fully, explore and be IN life, not behind a computer screen all the time.

When it comes to building a business and having a very big calling, like I do and like the people I work with do, there are so many people out there that tell you that you cannot have what you want—that it’s either build an empire and have no life, or have a life but accept that you won’t be able to have the impact and financial success that you feel called into.  I’m not interested in what people will tell me I can and cannot do, but more in honoring what calls to me—I believe that in your calling lie all the answers you need to fulfill your purpose.    In picking the next people to support me in my entrepreneurial journey I was interested in working with people who would hold the space for me to build something utterly unique, something that allowed me to push the boundaries of what most say is not really possible, and where exploration would be encouraged along with some solid advice to keep me on track.

Because my business had exploded so quickly, I also had not been able to take the time to set solid financial and legal structures in place.  With Ali’s legal knowledge and the structural advice of the group, I was able to set my business upon a firm foundation that will protect my great work for years to come.  I have an accountant on staff now and have a great credit limit for my business, which will allow me to expand the business much more quickly than I could have paying for everything out of pocket.   Having these foundations in place has also given me breathing room to tap more deeply into my intuition as to where and how I want to grow my empire, because I’m no longer having to constantly hustle to expand.

Another thing that was huge for me is that before the Mistressmind, my business model consisted of doing big launches and I was beginning to get really burned out on that model—launches are all consuming and can be very draining.   After one, one hour call with Amrita, I had a whole new launch strategy that I immediately implemented with my new program, IMPACT™. To this day it is my most successful launch ever and it ended up more than doubling my expected enrollment numbers with the simple tips that Amrita and Ali gave me to follow.  I have since implemented this strategy several times, always with great success.

Finally, as a result of the Mistressmind I was able to completely cut out my 1:1 coaching practice in a way that felt aligned to me and that did not hurt me financially.  My business model is finally starting to support my entrepreneurial archetype (Star Creator) and as a result I have much more breathing room to live my life and do my best work in the world, because I have the space to be creative that I didn’t have before, when my business was maxed out.  I have the right team in place (there was great advice given in terms of how to hire the right team members) and because of having the right structure, right team and support, I was able to take an entire month off of my business and go to Thailand, which I had dreamed about doing for years.

If you’re called into doing great things and want a great container of peers that will help you to up level in the most pleasurable way possible and if you want support from women who have been through it all and have actually experienced the entrepreneurial journey and understand that one size does not fit all, you must join the Mistressmind.  I am a more savvy business owner because of the program and have stepped into a whole new level of thought leadership as a result.  I know that this was a crucial step on my way to building the impact I know I am here to make.

Lisa Fabrega

Watch the Replay of Our Business Priestess Mistressmind Google Hangout: “Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess AND the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader.”


Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Dawn Dalili


I first heard Ali Shanti (Alexis Neely) speak when attending Marc David’s conference on The Future of Nutrition. I felt immediately attracted to her blend of deep spirituality and piercing intelligence.

After completing Money Map to Freedom and being part of the Eyes Wide Open Circle for a few months, I reached out to Amrita about hiring her and Ali for a one-day consultation on my business.

I felt that my programs had so much potential, but I simply couldn’t get the group programs off the ground. No one teaches you how to be an entrepreneur in medical school! I needed help with the big vision I felt called to grow into.

Instead of a single day, Amrita invited me into the Business Priestess Mistressmind. She could feel the same potential and knew that in addition to the right plan, there was a need for support and accountability that our small circle would offer.

The support offered by this group has been beyond my expectation. Of course the insight and business planning offered by Ali and Amrita cut to the core in an often-humbling way; but that’s only a portion of this experience. It has been amazing to be seen naked, authentic, complete.

As an entrepreneur, I bought into this idea that I was always on display. I would never let my fears or insecurities show for fear that a potential client would discount my offerings if they caught wind of my imperfection. What shit, right! I learned from Ali is that my fears and insecurities were seeping through my offerings. I learned from Amrita and the other Priestesses in this circle is that my truth is what makes me attractive, relatable, real.

I have heard both Ali and Amrita talk about entrepreneurship as a spiritual practice, but I didn’t get that fully until I joined this group. It is now so apparent to me that I am one with my business and my business is one with me. My spiritual growth is my professional growth, and my professional growth is my spiritual practice.

This practice shows up in my business as allowing, not forcing. There is less drive and push. More invitation and welcoming. I have softened, relaxed a bit, accepted my divine right to receive. It’s pretty much a brand new me and a brand new business, and we’re not even done yet!


Dawn Dalili, ND

Watch the Replay of Our Business Priestess Mistressmind Google Hangout: “Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess AND the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader.”

Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Wren Farris


I was driving south along the Puget Sound last spring to take myself on a much needed work retreat, praying. The prayer went something like this: ‘Spirit, I know I need to grow. I have outgrown my current role, however rewarding and involved it is and has been, I need to find a way to move to my next level. I cannot see a single path forward right now, but I am willing to close this door, if need be. Please send me the next step which will grow me!”

I had become aware of Ali through an article I read– it piqued my interest particularly because it was written about a topic around which there is much controversy, and although I didn't agree with her facts, completely, it was the most well-written piece I had seen on the topic. Who was this woman? Within days a co-worker had serendipitously set up a private meeting with she, myself, and Ali. In the short conversation we had that day, I knew something was about to shift. 

After that, I don't remember how it happened exactly, but I was informed that Ali was inviting me to apply to be one of seven select women in her upcoming Business Priestess Mistressmind… without really knowing why I would say yes, or what it was even about, I knew that my prayer had been answered.

This was the next step! Whatever the details were, inside I had already said “Yes.”

Within the container of the Priestessmind, I have chosen to focus on the birthing of a network/training program for women focusing on our relationship to work, worth, money, abundance, and our truer Value in the world. This network is called The Opulence Project. The work includes dialogues, trainings, a three-month initiatory-based program, and the opportunity to become a trainer of the work, and then teach within the network.

I am honored to get to work with women to undo stagnant and outdated stories and skillsets around money, and to unlock a never-before-seen relationship with Worth, and therefore financial potential. 

Currently, the best way to engage with or become a part of this work in its beginning stages is to join our invitation-only Facebook group. Please join us there if you are ready to delve into the heart of your relationship with Abundance, and root out what no longer serves you as you venture toward a life of your own authenticity…

Simultaneously, while working on The Opulence Project, I am also building a ‘brick and mortar' business, Soak on the Sound, a salt-water soaking tub bathhouse in my beautiful home town of Port Townsend, Washington.

Birthing these projects within the container of the Priestessmind is an intimate and rewarding experience. Mostly in life we work alone, behind the scenes, making the production happen, then we bring our creation out into the world, and everyone claps (or doesn't), as if it were effortless.

If our projects are our Stage, the Priestessmind is the Greenroom, where the real Work is hashed out – emotions run high, and are welcomed, fears are sussed through, costumes ripped and sewn, lines rehearsed, and whole scenes nixed on the spot! We celebrate and challenge each other, share ideas and skill sets, and hold each other seriously accountable… 

I have learned that the more I grow in my capacity to hold space for others and be a potent guide and leader in my work, the more I also need to be held and seen and guided by others at similar stages of high-level personal evolution. The best coaches always have coaches themselves. This is what the Art of the Mastermind is: sitting around the table with peers in similar stages on an evolutionary path, growing exponentially because of the dedicated engagement to the growth itself.

To birth The Opulence Project and Soak on the Sound within the context of the Priestessmind is something only the Sacred Design of the Universe, which knows much more than I do about the way in which life needs to unfold for my highest growth, could have orchestrated! Thank You Spirit of Guidance which led me to this experience! Thank you precious Sisters in the PriestessMind! Thank you Ali Shanti & Amrita Khalsa!

In Love, Wren

The Opulence Project

Soak on the Sound

Watch the Replay of Our Business Priestess Mistressmind Google Hangout: “Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess AND the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader.”

Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Alaya Gold


The Priestessmind was truly a GIFT into my life. I joined at a point when I was more than done with my previous coach and looking for a new mentor. I had talked with Amrita and Ali about private work, but it didn’t seem like a fit, so when Amrita approached me about the Priestessmind, every cell in my body said “YES”!!! I joined without having a clear idea of EVERYTHING that would be in store for me.

It’s true, since joining the Priestessmind, I’ve DOUBLED my monthly income, creating over $55,000 in income in just over 4 months, having my BEST month ever of $18,000, but I don’t consider that to be the important part. The important part is the transformation that I’ve undergone as a result of mentoring with the high-caliber women in the Priesstessmind and receiving the high-level Business Guidance from the Eyes Wide Open Collective.

The gift that I’ve received that I didn’t expect from this Priestessmind is starting a brand new Business that’s been a dream of mine for years. I thought I would be focusing on my current business and growing it, but Ali has a way of guiding you into your absolute TRUTH and my truth was that it was time for this new Business to be birthed. And so the Eyes Wide Open Collective midwifed me and held my hand throughout this delicate business birthing process.

I never thought this dream business would happen so soon and it wouldn’t be possible without the support I received from the Priestessmind.

~Alaya Gold

Watch the Replay of Our Business Priestess Mistressmind Google Hangout: “Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess AND the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader.”

Why the New Age of Co-Creation is YOUR Path to Ultimate Impact

Collaberating Women

Let’s face it, YOU are a visionary.

You have a bigger vision for yourself and the world. You believe in abundance for ALL. You’re tired of the old-scarcity model of every person out for him or herself. You’ve had enough of the old ways of making money that drains you and the collective that is ‘us’.

I imagine you’re wondering …

“So, how do I do it if I’m a solo-preneur, leader, visionary and I feel like I’m the only one who can do all that there is to do? Is there ANY other way to do this whole old-monetary-economy thing?”


It’s time for you to to step into the New Economy with a FULL heart and a BIG “YES!”

There’s a new way – one that supports abundance, health and vitality for all. One that allows us to build each other up. One that believes in and works for the good of the whole.

It’s all about collaboration and co-creation.

We collectively bring each of our creative genius and resources to the table to come up with real solutions for thriving conscious businesses and a thriving planet Earth. Because problems are WAY easier to tackle when we join forces. So, why wouldn’t we want that kind of ultimate impact?

You can CHOOSE this path, love.

Just like we have.

Because we practice what we preach.

And lead by example to make it easier for YOU to take action.

That’s why today, I am excited to announce that…

We are moving forward in Co-Creation and Collaboration as…the Eyes Wide Open Collective.

This means more support, more guidance, more intimacy, more expertise – MORE of everything you’ve been wanting to help you create the thriving, conscious business you dream of and the financial liberation you know is possible.

And we’re so excited about this that we want to share a gift with you – a peek into our behind-the-scenes strategic team meeting that birthed the Collective so you can see the juice of Co-Creation in action.

Here, in this video, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

We’re revealing our new paradigm business model as well as providing juicy guidance and insight into:

  • Creating a brand that is in total alignment with your truth – while supporting you and the betterment of the world in the New Economy

  • Creating sequential programs and a path of ascension (we call it a relationship pathway in the Money Map program) to bring life-long clients into their mastery

  • Building a new economy business model rooted in co-creation

  • Building a “genius platform” for your success and the good of the world

  • Creating partnership launches that support your Ultimate Vision & ensure your game-changing program or product reaches those who will take heart-centered action

… And we have another gift for you.

Co-creating and collaboration means entering in partnerships where your true zone of genius can shine brilliantly.  It's when you can focus on the work that you truly want to show up for. It's about being needy and asking for help from those who can support you to do your best work.

In the following Google Hangout, I have a shockingly open, raw, and authentic conversation with Amrita Khalsa, CEO of Eyes Wide Open Life, and the newest feminine leader on our EWO Collective, Kiva Leatherman, about what it has really taken to build Eyes Wide Open Life into the collective that it is now, and what it will take moving forward.

Learn how to collaborate powerfully with clear agreements, lead from a place of true feminine surrender, say ‘NO' to everything that is not in your zone of genius, and step into creating your personal path to Financial Liberation:

Discover & be apart of more juicy Hangouts, just like this, by subscribing to the Eyes Wide Open YouTube channel.

thin sun set

Every week on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm PST, we invite you to the backstage of our business on our “All Access Calls.” On our behind-the-scenes strategic team meetings, you’ll see what it takes to run an Eyes Wide Open creative and thriving business whose purpose is to bring your Great Work into the world in a way that feels really deep, down good!

To learn how to be a part of these idea-rich & action-packed calls through our Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle plus get weekly coaching and support to grow your own business with the right business model and an Eyes Wide Open, enlightened and inspired Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax foundation, click here.

So “Cheers!” to the Collective – to a whole new way of doing business that creates big, BIG change.

What Others Are Saying About the EWO Collective:

“You Women are awesome and my role models! Thank You. I'm very moved to be hearing this long awaited, supportive info and breakdown about this very wholistic model of really “being” in business.” ~ Gina Rene

 “This is so awesome!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the response from the Universe… indicating that I'm on the right path. I've been longing for collaborations moving forward. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience! <3” ~ Norie Marfil

 “This concept of neediness is wonderfully freeing. It means that I don't have to be superwoman. I can ask for help and support. How freeing is that? Thank you Ali! I appreciate your input.” ~ Judith Stephens

 “It's so, so helpful hearing this type of honest discussion in an open, real, and raw way. less ego, more co-creation. it's the more feminine way of doing things…so true! love this, thank you.” ~ Jessica Ann

 “Thanks so much ladies, so appreciate you all. Much love, xoxo.” ~ Kim Beckers

 Step into co-creation & collaboration RIGHT NOW by commenting below. Show your support for that which is our future. Share your support, stories and ideas of “collectiveness” below and we'll lovingly continue this movement!

Choosing a mentor that is right for you. (Are You Buying the Real Deal or Just the Dream?)

Choosing a mentor Eagle Shadow

There is a lot to learn when building your income in alignment with who you are and I am a huge believer that finding the right mentor can be your fast track to what you desire.

It was the case for me, more than once, and the purpose of this article is to help with clearing the air around choosing a mentor that is right for you.

I found my first mentor after hearing a woman speak at an event about how much she loved her life. She had a business she loved, serving her clients (people she loved) from home, while she was able to parent her child.  She had written a book about branding, so I bought it — not because I wanted to learn branding, but I wanted to learn her secret for having a life and business she loved.

I found her secret in the acknowledgements. She named the coach she worked with to design her life and business in alignment with her life.  I tracked her down and hired her.  Now, this was back in the day when hiring a coach was still weird, and I had never spent any money on myself, so this was no small thing.

$325/mo. was a big investment for me.  And, then, as soon as we started working together she began to ask me things like “When did you get your last pedicure? Your last haircut? When did you last go to the dentist? Exercise?”

I was pissed.  I didn’t hire her to ask me about such frivolity!  I hired her to help me love my work life (I was an associate attorney at one of the best law firms in the country, earning a 6-figure paycheck and I was miserable.)

But, that coach of mine, she was smart.  She told me I’d never be happy in any work situation if I wasn’t taking care of myself.

And, she was right.

Within two years of starting to work with her, I had left the security of the corporate job and the big paycheck to start my own law practice.

She was the real deal.

Alexis quote shadow
Fast forward a few years and thanks to being smart about who I hired to mentor me along the way, I had built that practice into a million dollar a year revenue generating law business.

I was ready to find the mentor that would help me make the leap from the one-to-one service-based business to the one-to-many business that would support me to impact on a much greater level.

The first mentors I hired weren’t the real deal.  They sold me a dream that they couldn’t actually then give me the step by step to implement. They hadn’t already successfully done what I wanted to do.  They didn’t have a process around their program.  And I left every call more confused than when I had picked up the phone.

Perhaps, they had transformational results with others, but they were not the mentors for me.

Fast forward a few months and I didn’t give up. I flew to Cleveland, OH for an event that changed my life because I met the mentor who would guide me to do exactly what he had done — go from the one to one service based business into a one to many business impacting many from my home.

The $325/mo investment I had paid my first coach now seemed like a teeny drop in the bucket.

This time, the investment was $30,000.

But I knew it would be worth it, if he could lead me to do what he had done.  Sure, there was an element of leap of faith, but I had also done my due diligence this time.

Within 60 days, he had guided me to launch my first teleseminar event online and we did $117,000 in sales.  Yes, it was worth it.  Over the next 18 months, we would work together to build a $1,500,000 stream of revenue serving lawyers.

Yes, he was the right mentor for me.

Hiring a mentor can be the most important investment you make when it comes to stepping into the new economy, so long as you choose the right mentor.

There are a lot of people out there who would like to get paid to teach others what they haven’t actually done themselves. Folks that are selling – not what they’ve done – but what they have learned from another “Internet Marketing Guru.”

If you would prefer to learn from your mentor’s mistakes instead of from your mistake of hiring the wrong person…

Make sure the people you are learning from have actually done what you want to do, and are not just selling the dream.

You will take on your mentor’s shadow, your business could look like your mentor’s business, your life a lot like theirs as well.

Choosing a mentor time hourglassThis is why it is super important to take responsibility and practice vigilance so that you, and have actually received the results that you want for yourself.

Personal Example #1: I Teach Lawyers

I teach lawyers how to create a New Law Business Model that allows them to create great relationships with their clients, make a great living, and love being lawyers.

Why? Because I built and have had success with the New Law Business Model. I love my clients and my clients love me.

I did this myself first, before teaching others.

Personal Example #2: I Teach Entrepreneurs

I teach entrepreneurs how to create New Economy Businesses.

Why? Because I have created more than $10 million dollars in training programs, products, and courses — based on my own experience, working from wherever I was with my laptop, and all while raising my children as a single mom.

I actually live the New Economy Business Model. I did it, and I’m still doing it.

If You Can’t Work with the Mentor Yourself, Learn their Proven System

While it’s important to learn from someone who has been there, done that, there are times when you don’t necessarily have to learn from your mentor personally, but instead you can lean on their proven system.

For example, most people couldn’t hire me to personally create their Money Map for them because an hour of my time is $2,000, but they can hire one of our Money Map Masters who are trained on the Money Map program and can guide them through the process I designed for building your business model around the life you really want to have rather than trying to fit your life into the business that makes you money.

While the Money Map Masters may not have personally done $10 million in sales as I have, they have a proven model to use and a process to follow that is proven to work, so they can hold you accountable to my system. The key is to look for a Master who is one to three steps ahead of where you want to be, instead of learning from someone who is right where you are.

The Bottom Line

No matter what stage of business you are in, it will shortcut your process considerably to access mentorship at whatever access point you can, whether that’s through a product, a group program, or with a one-on-one relationship.

Receiving the reflection of others is key to getting out of the isolation of your own mind, and into right relationship with what’s real and true for you so you can do business and live life with your eyes wide open.  Choose wisely.

Be apart of the Eyes Wide Open Life Collective. To learn how to be a part of our Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle to receive weekly coaching and support to grow your own business with the right business model and an Eyes Wide Open, enlightened and inspired Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax foundation, click here.