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Marie Forleo B-School Review: Why I Promote B-school & The Top 5 Reasons You’re Maybe NOT Joining B-School


Marie Forleo has opened the doors to B-School and open enrollment has begun … but maybe you're still not enrolled? I know how hard it can be to invest into any coaching or training program. It should be a careful decision and one you should make with your eyes wide open. That's why I've put together this Marie Forleo B-School Review to help you make an informed decision.

You see, leading a community is a big responsibility. People take my advice seriously. They act on it. Perhaps you have yourself. And everyday I am invited to share things with this community, and I face the decision of whether to say yes to this sharing.

This year, I was invited to be part of a select group of affiliates of Marie Forleo's B-School program. (You might be surprised to hear it was a select group if you are seeing everyone around you promote it; but it was — she limited affiliate promotion this year to only those she chose specifically.)Marie Forleo B-School Review

Some of you may wonder why I invest so much time and energy in sharing B-School. So before we get into my Marie Forleo B-School Review, here it is:

Why I promote B-School…

There are a few reasons and it's important for you to know them because these will be questions you face as you offer your own programs and products online as well as consider offering others.

  1. I promote products and programs that fill a gap in what we offer. We offer programs on packaging your knowledge into products, programs and services and pricing them properly (business model) and for setting up a business foundation that feels great and supports your work (legal, insurance, financial and tax), but that leaves a big hole.What if you don't know how to bring your services and products online? What if you don't know how to create an offer? What if you don't know about marketing? Well, that's where B-School comes in. B-School, Money Map and LIFT go hand in hand.
  2. Marie is the real deal. Marie's program doesn't just teach you what's in the program – the nuts and bolts stuff. That's stuff that you COULD get elsewhere in other programs.Why I specifically promote Marie is because along with all the nuts and bolts of online marketing, Marie transmits a quality of leadership that is key as we step into the New Economy. Straightforward and direct communication. Clear boundaries. Open, yet discerning heart.These qualities often cannot be taught; they are transmitted.
  3. We love supporting people who have been through Marie's B-School program. When you go through Marie's program, I know you are serious about building a business you can count on. That means I don't need to convince you of the importance of pricing and packaging in alignment with your life. It means I don't need to persuade you about the importance of legal agreements, insurance, financial systems and strategic tax planning.That makes our job easier.

Marie Forleo B-School Review

With that said, I want to be super clear here – B-School is NOT for everyone. Yes, you heard right. While I'd love for you take advantage of this incredible program, I want you to know that I'm not here to sell you on a program if it isn't a true fit for you.

Let's get clear on a couple of things…

WHAT B-School Is and WHO It's For…

B-School (aka Business School) is an online training program that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring creatives how to build and grow their businesses. Over a span of 8 weeks and 6 modules (and tons of bonus content), B-School shows you how to bring your gift to more people through authentic and effective marketing, unique branding, and a powerful and profitable online presence.

So, if you're someone who's looking to reach more people with your great work, show up in the world in a bigger way and show up in a way that is authentic to you, B-School is for you! Simple as that.

Now that we've determined if B-School is a fit for you, let's get to the juice of our Marie Forleo B-School Review with…

The Top 5 Reasons You're NOT Joining B-School:

Reason #1: Money.

I have to say, and I think many people will agree with me… the cost of B-School is a small drop in the hat compared to the value you will receive and the results you will experience. If you're truly serious about growing your business, this is a small investment among many more to come. And of the funnest parts of B-School, the bonuses, can double and even triple your investment with products, coaching and programs that will further help your growth. If you're going to purchase these programs in the future, and my guess is that you are, you're actually costing yourself money by not enrolling in B-school now and taking advantage of the bonuses out there.

Want to get a list of the top bonuses out there? Maximize your B-School investment by enrolling through an affiliate link and receiving an top-notch bonus. We'll be sharing our bonus soon, but if you've come to this site and it's not here yet, please email and ask.

Marie Forleo B-School Review“I replaced my salary within one year of taking the big leap.” B-School Grad, Tracy Lee Jones

Reason #2: Time.

Kids, work, life – we're all busy but don't let that hold you back. With B-School, once you purchase it you have life-time access… forever! So whenever you're ready, everything will always be right where you need it. And each module is dowloadable to your phone, note pad, laptop, ipod and you can listen at your convenience. B-School was designed to fit around you.

Marie Forleo B-School Review“If I can lose everything, then rebuild my family's life, and start a new online business that allows me to be a stay-at-home mom, then anyone can do it! B-School Grad, Stasia Wimmer

Reason #3: “I'm just not ready.”

If you're at the beginning stages of your business or you're still in the concept phase, you're probably thinking that a program like this is for later down the road… when you're “ready.” The truth is, NOW is the time. A program like this is exactly what you need when you're just starting out so you can be sure you're doing it right and laying the right foundation.

Plus, Marie has created a bonus program just for you, the Start the Right Business program. With it, you'll learn how to answer these tough questions and more:

  • “How do I decide what business I should start?”
  • “What if I have an idea, but I haven’t done anything with it yet? How do I know my idea will make money?”
  • “I have too many ideas—how do I narrow it down and decide which one to choose?”

Marie Forleo B-School Review“B-School showed me that everyone starts somewhere. That gave me confidence. Heck! I was already somewhere!” B-School Grad, Dr. Tonia Winchester

Reason #4: “I have a product-based business vs. a service or information-based business.”

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or whether you do all your work online, the concepts in B-School apply across the board. And having a product-based business does not excuse you from having to have a kick-ass online presence. This year, Marie Forleo and the B-School team have modified the program to walk you product-based b-schoolers through each module to show you how the curriculum applies to directly to you.

Marie Forleo B-School Review


“Since B-School, I have effectively turned my business into an actual, real functioning business with real customers.” B-School Grad, Buffy Gill

Reason #5: “What if it's just another program?”

You may be thinking, I’ve joined other programs and spent big bucks before, what if this program doesn't work? OR What if it's just like all the other programs out there? Let me tell you why I know B-School is different:

  • Marie's program doesn't just teach you what's in the program. Why I specifically promote Marie is because along with all the nuts and bolts of online marketing, Marie transmits a quality of leadership that is key as we step into the new economy: straightforward and direct communication, clear boundaries and an open, yet discerning heart. These qualities cannot be taught; they are transmitted.
  • B-School offers a vast world-wide community of entrepreneurs of all types who are available to support you, encourage you and inspire you. This community alone is worth the cost of the program.
  • And no program works unless you do.  To help you work better, Marie Forleo has developed the Follow Through Formula which you'll get when you register. This video series will get you geared up with what you need to follow through and succeed with everything from B-School and beyond. Do the work and you'll see the success – guaranteed.

Marie Forleo B-School Review

“After the first two lessons I was convinced the money I'd spend to take the course was well worth it.” B-School Grad, Harold Metzel

Introducing you to other people's work is a big responsibility and not one we take lightly. There are many people who have asked us to promote them that we've said the hard no to because it just wasn't alignment for us or for you. With Marie, even though we may appear different on the outside, there is a deep resonance with our work, and I strongly recommend B-School so you can be even more ready to step into the New Economy.

Are you ready to Join B-School? Enroll Here. (Enrollment Link will be live Feb. 20th, 2018) 

Marie Forleo B-School Review

In addition to this Marie Forleo B-School Review, we've put together the Best of B-School Bonus Round Up to help you make an awake and aware decision with your Eyes Wide Open. Get your guide here. (Come back to this page for the 2018 update in a couple of weeks!)

I hope you've found this Marie Forleo B-School Review helpful.  Now, I want to hear from you..

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and tell me, what's your biggest reason for not enrolling in B-School? And if you're already enrolled (Yay you!), please tell me the vision you have for your business after B-School. Can't wait to read. 

Our Biggest Bonus EVER for Marie Forleo’s B-school + Our Annual B-School Bonus Round Up

Marie Forleo's B-School is almost here!!! And if you're considering enrolling this year, you're gonna want to see this:

Me + the Eyes Wide Open Collective are rolling out Our BIGGEST BONUS EVER

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Taking the leap to build and grow your business with a program like B-School is a BIG DEAL, and if you're committed to taking action with B-School, we're committed to supporting you. And we could think of no better way to support you on your journey through B-School and beyond than to offer you our best and biggest bonuses with a total value of up to $4144!

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  • 3 Month Membership in the Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle
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Still not sure? If you've still got some questions about whether B-School is right for you, tune into the replay of the interview I had with Marie Forleo and hear her answer your biggest B-School questions herself. And be sure to check out our Best of B-School Bonus Round Up to see a list of the other top bonuses out there. 

Money Map to Freedom

The foundational business system that guides you step-by-step to design your business model (around your life and based on your personal Entrepreneurial Archetype and your unique Money Map number) in complete alignment with who you are and how you want to be in the world. Hello, sustainable income you can count on forever! (Value: $997)

The LIFT Foundation System

The complete toolkit you need to build your business on a solid foundation with the right Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax systems in place, including agreements, intellectual property protection, insurance, financial systems and tax strategies you’ll love. Really. You will have all the knowledge and resources you need to make the right choices for your business from a place of clarity, certainty, and power. (Value: $1497)

Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle

Three month membership in the Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle, where you receive real-time personalized guidance from our Leadership Team, including support with the big vision of your business, strategic action, accountability, and detailed implementation. Never wonder what to do again. (Value: $750)

EWO Coaching CircleThree month Behind the Scenes All-Access Pass to Our Strategic Team Meetings, where you can see the inner workings of a successful online business operating in the new economy — you’ll see how we make decisions, write copy, navigate challenges and conflict, solve problems, manage our projects, forecast revenue, track our metrics and more, with complete transparency. If you learn by watching, we’ve got you covered here. (Value: $750)

Exclusive Entrepreneurial Archetype Training

Exclusive Entrepreneurial Archetype Training Just for B-Schoolers during which our founder, Alexis Neely, will guide you to choose the right business model for you based on your life, and your unique entrepreneurial archetype, and share how she built three 7-figure revenue businesses and four 6-figure revenue businesses, each with multiple streams of income, while raising her kids as a single mom. (Value: $499)


Access to Eyes Wide Open Private Facebook Group

Eyes Wide Open - Marie Forleo's B-school Bschool Bonus 2014Access to the 24/7 Guidance of the Eyes Wide Open Private Facebook Group, where you will connect and network with like-minded business owners, plus get answers to your most challenging business questions, on the stop and as they arise, from our Eyes Wide Open Leadership Team. (Value: priceless)


Circle of CoCreation

Three month membership in the Circle of CoCreation, the high-level mastermind you have been searching for. Receive focused business training and intimate support from Alexis Neely and our Leadership Team, + a new circle of vetted peers who are playing on a higher field than the people you’re surrounded by right now. This is top business training meets structured mastermind support, and so much more. (Value: $1500)

Our bonuses are totally virtual, no travel necessary and provide you with tremendous practical value + the emotional support you will want and need post B-School, when it’s time to get serious about building a business on the foundation of all the ideas and strategies you’ll have picked up on your B-School journey.

Note: If you know Eyes Wide Open is the right fit for you, but you’re not sure which of our bonus options to select, don’t worry. We will get in touch with you personally once you enroll for B-School through us, to support you in making the best decision for you.

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Eight Femmepreneur Movements That Are Changing Our World in 2014


During these metamorphic times of the re-awakening sacred feminine, an inspiring movement has been springing up of women visionaries, coaches and teachers who are pioneering a new paradigm of feminine empowerment, self-expression and financial liberation. These change agents have been co-creating new models and systems to support burgeoning communities of women in cultivating mutually supportive containers, in which they are able to accomplish far greater things together than could have ever been possible alone.

In 2009, the Dalai Lama made a now-famous declaration that “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” What this looks like, embodied and in action, can take on countless different forms. I believe that one of these pathways is the blossoming movement of heart-based women entrepreneurs, operating their businesses from a deeply sincere intention of sacred service and collective up-liftment. I have created this article filled with many informative resources about what I like to call the ‘Visionary Femmepreneur’ movement. I hope it will provide you with some new ideas that may be of benefit to you on your path of sharing your unique gifts in a way that will truly help contribute to effecting positive change in your communities and in the world.

For the purposes of this article, I define a Visionary Femmepreneur in the following way:

She is an inspiring, heart-based and spirit-guided leader of a community.

She creates containers in which she offers tools, practices, community support and guidance to assist others to step more fully into embodying their highest intentions and goals.

She has found a path to creating a thriving career doing what she loves and she models for others how to do the same.

She has created a global platform for her work and her teachings through web, social media, videos, books and television appearances.

Here are eight communities and convergences of visionary femmepreneurs that are helping to shape the landscape of the emerging sacred feminine in 2014:

Meggan Jane Watterson

1) ‘Spiritual firebrand’ and scholar of the divine feminine Meggan Watterson hosts a potent annual gathering called Reveal: The Event, with the intention of the day being to come together as a fiery band of soul sisters, wellness warriors, femmeprenuers and lightworkers to lift and light each other up.



Laura Hollick2) An ‘artistpreneur’ named Laura Hollick from Canada recently created an exquisite documentary film called Nu Icon: The Movie which features several much-loved women entrepreneurs including Rose Cole, Ali Shanti, Ariel White, Jena LaFlamme, Renee Airya, Christina Morassi and Deborah Skye. The film has been created in several episodes which are so engaging that’s it’s easy to watch them all back-to-back in an evening. You can check it out here: (Each of these women also have videos sharing their unique teachings which can be found on YouTube)


Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 12.40.46 PM3) Several of these feminine leaders are also featured in a pilot T.V. series which is currently being produced by author and shamanic priestess Rose Cole. This television pilot has been created to inspire viewers about holistic living and infusing daily life with intention and consciousness. For more info about Rose and her work, check out



Chantal Pierrat 4) Another convergence of many dynamic women entrepreneurs is the annual Emerging Women event in Boulder, led by Chantal Pierrat, and featuring quite an impressive array of powerful speakers and presenters.




shift network5) Telesummits are a popular way that entrepreneurs come together with groups of resonant co-creators to bring their messages to a larger audience. The Inspiring Women’s Telesummit, co-hosted by Elayne Kalila Doughty and Deva Haley Mitchell from The Shift Network has been an annual event for the last three years, and has brought together a collective of truly remarkable women.

home_staceycareybubble6) Popular coaching duo Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters co-hostess an annual event in San Diego called the Transformational Coaching Method: Truth or Dare Experience Event. Both Carey and Stacey are certified holistic health coaches, marketing and money coaches, and online entrepreneurs and are the co-founders of the Holistic MBA coaching program.



Gabrielle.11587) Speaker, mentor and bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein recently launched the ‘Women We Dig’ video series. In this series, Gabrielle will be interviewing a variety of leaders in the movement, ranging from Marie Forleo, creatress of the famous online business school ‘B School’, to motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger Danielle LaPorte, whose blog was named one of the top 100 websites for women in 2012 by Forbes.



EWO-Collective_desktop-pic-no-logo8) Another emerging movement is the Eyes Wide Open Life Collective (right here!), a ‘leaderful’ community co-created by entrepreneurial strategist & thought leader Alexis Neely (a.k.a Ali Shanti), CEO of Eyes Wide Open LifeAmrita Khalsa, and Kiva Leatherman, founder of the Wise Women's Network.

The Collective regularly hosts empowering google hang-outs such as this one:  and invites people to join in on behind-the-scenes strategic team meetings on their weekly “All Access Calls.”

My first experience of participating in one of these communities was early last year, when I discovered the work of trail-blazing business-priestess and high-end coach Christina Morassi. Christina is a self-described “former hippie-healer-burning-man-girl” who has developed an evolutionary pathway of teaching heart-based entrepreneurs how to synthesize all of their unique wisdom, talents and gifts to build unique careers that didn’t exist before by identifying and embodying their personal ‘ecstatic brand’.

I felt a strong resonance with Christina’s work and so I decided to join her six month program and fully immerse myself in focusing on creating a soul-aligned and self-expressed career. One of the most powerful things that I experienced in that program was how much a group of fourty women can raise each other up, both personally and professionally, when we are all aligned in the spirit of empowerment and co-upliftment. I met friends, clients and colleagues with whom I intend to be connected for life.

In the fall I continued my studies by joining a coaching program with Rose Cole, a spiritual guide and author who left behind a successful modeling career to be in service to others through hosting programs and retreats and mentoring groups and individuals through her evolutionary organization, called ‘Rituality.’ Coming together with Rose’s community of activated and empowered co-creators has catalyzed deep transformation and upleveling in many areas of life, from career to health to spiritual.

NU Icon

The ever-growing movement of visionary femmepreneur leaders is too long to even begin capturing in one small article, so I invite you to ‘follow the cosmic breadcrumbs’ and explore the various links in this article. I personally feel that joining together with a collective of resonant co-creators with a common intention of co-empowerment and elevation can be a very powerful and life-changing decision. Whether a woman feels called to do this through a large group coaching program or by simply joining or creating a women’s group in her community is a very personal decision.

High-end group coaching programs can sometimes be controversial, because not everyone in a group program is going to achieve the same measurable results. My experience is that, as with anything in life, if you put a lot into something, you will get a lot out of it. And the opportunities and doorways opened up through coaching programs are ones that we likely may not have been aware of, or had access to on our own.

I would love to hear about any other visionary femmepreneur leaders or movements that have inspired you on your path, so please share your feedback and reflections below, and to stay in touch please connect with me at:

Prema Gaia Headshot

Prema Gaia is a magazine writer specializing in the sacred feminine, dancer, yogini, shamanic priestess, tantra teacher and co-author of the forthcoming anthology book: ‘The High Priestess Next Door’. Her writing can be found in publications such as Spirituality & Health, Sage Woman, Conscious Dancer and South Africa’s Odyssey Magazine. To connect with Prema and check out some of her recent magazine articles, please visit:

Behind the Scenes with Marie Forleo

I hope you've joined us as we've closely followed Marie Forleo's brand new video series. And if you've missed any of her previous videos, you'll definitely want to go back and soak up all the goodness she has to offer. Get the full benefit of this series by watching video one here & watching video two here.

Now, we want to take you behind the scenes with Marie Forleo herself as she shows you the inner workings of her multi-million dollar online masterpiece and dives into some of the tough questions you might have about growing your own online business. Questions like: Hasn't everything been done already? Am I crazy for wanting to launch my business online? How can I build an online business when I don't have any TIME?

Tune in to the third and final video of Marie's video series to get the answers to your big questions about building your business online.

Marie Forleo Bschool Alexis Neely Video 3


Marie Forleo Bschool Alexis Neely Video 3

Here are a few more extras you can expect to find in this video:

  • You'll get to listen to several B-School Grads to hear how their lives and businesses have changed after B-School
  • Follow Marie as she shows you how and where she runs her multi-million dollar business
  • AND, you'll get the opportunity to WIN a scholarship to B-School!

>>Step behind the curtain with Marie and Watch Video #3 Here.<< 

“People who get & leverage online marketing have the highest profits, the best customers and a business that makes money 24/7.”


Make Money. Change the World.

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and tell us, are you up for a challenge – the B-School challenge that is? Leave us a link to your video submission for the B-School scholarship. Can't wait to watch them!


And be sure to MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Because there's no better place to spend the opening day of B-School eb-school interview bignrollment than right here with me, Kiva Leatherman and Marie Forleo herself where we'll be diving into the hard parts of business and giving you tips on how to make them hurt so good! Plus, Marie will be answering all your biggest B-School questions. (Leave us a comment below with your B-School questions and tune in Feb. 19th to hear Marie answer them LIVE). Register here: Don't miss it!

The ‘Dirty Little Secret’ to Marketing AND Selling Anything

MARKETING. What comes to mind when you hear that word?

Slimy, sleazy, scammy.

It's just not my thing.

Hard. Work!

Where do I even start?!

Whatever your thoughts around the subject, the truth is, you cannot have a successful business without marketing – period. Sounds like you better get with it, huh?

Here's the thing that most people miss…

Marketing doesn't have to be this icky, daunting task. There IS a better way. And once you really get it, you will THRIVE – in any situation and be able to sell anything your heart desires.

So what is ‘it?'

In Marie Forleo's second video of her 3-part series, she shares it – her dirty little secret to marketing that could be worth millions. All it takes is one small shift in your thinking.


In addition to learning the dirty secret to marketing, you'll learn:

  • Exactly what ‘modern marketing' is and how to use it to market and sell virtually ANYTHING you believe in,
  • AND, Identify the 13 Keys to Killing It Online (funny, they all start with the letter ‘C').

>>Opt-In to Watch Video #2 Here to Learn Her Dirty Little Secret.<<

(Don't forget to download your PDF Fun Sheet.) 

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and tell us, how are you changing your marketing efforts and ideas to KILL IT online as a result of Marie's second video?


b-school interview big

And be sure to MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Because there's no better place to spend the opening day of B-School enrollment than right here with me, Kiva Leatherman and Marie Forleo herself where we'll be diving into the hard parts of business and giving you tips on how to make them hurt so good! Plus, Marie will be answering all your biggest B-School questions. (Leave us a comment below with your B-School questions and tune in Feb. 19th to hear Marie answer them LIVE).

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The 6 Pillars You Need to Master to Grow Your Online Business

While it's true, to build a successful online business you need little more than a laptop, passion and a heck of a lot of persistence.

But I've got some bad news for you…

Things change online – FAST!

Things that worked last month on Facebook no longer work, there's a constant evolution of business management systems, new social media guidelines, outdated tools and resources – and the list goes on and on.

In fact, there are even BIGGER changes coming in the next 5-10 years that are going to completely change the way we do business online.

Lucky for you, me and my friend Marie Forleo are here to support and guide you through all these changes.

In fact, Marie has created a brand new video series to prepare you for these changes and equip you with the systems and strategies you need to make in online. And trust me, this girl knows what she's talking about. She's worked hard for over a decade to build her online empire completely from scratch.

Take a look at the first video in her 3-part video series where she tells you all about these upcoming changes and how you can prepare for them NOW.


 Along with learning about these big online changes, you'll also learn:

  • Why big hearted, creative people like us are hardwired to succeed online
  • Step by step what you need to do to get your great work out into the world in a big way
  • AND, The 6 Pillars you must master to grow your online biz.
    Learn about things like: list building, marketing, your website and more!

>>Opt-In to Watch Video #1 Here to Learn the 6 Pillars to Online Success<<

Don't forget to download your PDF Fun Sheet to help guide you through this video series. 

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and tell us, what pillar have you completely mastered? And which pillar are you finding needs a bit more love and focus?


And be sure to MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Because there's no better place to spend the opening day of B-School eb-school interview bignrollment than right here with me, Kiva Leatherman and Marie Forleo herself where we'll be diving into the hard parts of business and giving you tips on how to make them hurt so good! Plus, Marie will be answering all your biggest B-School questions. (Leave us a comment below with your B-School questions and tune in Feb. 19th to hear Marie answer them LIVE).

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