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How to Come into Alignment in Your Life

Alignment… what is it and how can you have it…

I'm going to share all of it with you today in a video I recorded as a bonus to our free training series.

When you pull all the pieces of yourself into alignment, it's nearly impossible to pull you off course. {Tweet It!}

Watch this video to learn how to come into alignment in your life:

For more insights on how to come into alignment with yourself to create a life and business you REALLY want, be sure to sign up to get access to our Free Video Training Series.

Now it's your turn!

Tell me, when you take a moment to pause and go within, what is waiting for you there? And what are signs that you go by to determine if all parts of you are in (or out) of full alignment? Leave a comment below. 

[Meditation Music Video] A Rare Glimpse into an Extraordinary World

When exactly did you realize that you aren’t quite like other people?

{Take a look at our meditation music video below to fully experience a wold that works for everyone.}

Was it when you were a kid (it was for me), or later in life?

Maybe, like many of the folks around here, you created “success,” the job, security, mortage, family – and woke up one day, looked around, and realized that something about this life you’d created just didn’t feel right.

music video

You crave more, but not in the same way many of the people around you seem to crave more.
They seem to be craving more of the same.
More prestige.
More money.
More stuff.
More toys and trips and status.

And while all that is nice, you sense there’s something even bigger.

If you had more money, you’d use it to buy yourself more time, more freedom, more experiences, more travel, more … you aren’t sure what, but you can feel the longing for it.

We get it. We’ve been there too. And, like you, we didn’t know exactly what it was we were looking for, but when we found it, we knew.

Well, here it is:

The more you’ve been looking for is more Life.

More of your Self. More liberation, feeling, expression, connection, community, harmony, understanding, love, joy, peace, ease, trust, faith, relaxation.


When you watch our meditation music video, we imagine you’ll experience a sense of coming home. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your true desires and your next steps to seeing them become a reality.

We want this for you because we know that when you step beyond the old economy and into the New Economy, the world becomes a better place.


It’s a world where your unique desires, gifts and talents can be used to create more life and abundance on the planet, and everyone else’s can too.

So how?

Well, the first step is to watch our new video series ( Leave your comments… Engage.

We can create this together.

This is the actionable path into the New Economy. It is waiting for you. Simply watch this video and your journey begins..


How to Have What You REALLY Want

Are you realizing your deepest desires? Are you living the life of your dreams? Is your life and business everything you'd imagined it would be?

Or are you like I was, stuck wondering how you can have what you really want?

Here's a video recorded to help a friend answer that very question. Take a look:

Video Transcript:

I want to talk to you about something that came up when I was speaking to a friend..

She is just at the beginning of her journey. And as I was speaking with her, I realized…

I’ve made it to a place that I once only dreamed about.

A life of travel and connection and family and creativity.
And the ability to take almost two weeks of being fully unplugged while my businesses not only serve and continue to make an impact, but new creations are arising.
Amazing, incredible things are being created without me even being involved.

I’m at a place where I’m able to vision and see the realities become true – very fast.

As we spoke about the beginning of her journey, I remembered being in a place where manifestation did not happen very rapidly.

I have years worth of journals where I wrote about the life that I wanted – the impact that I wanted to have, the people that I wanted surrounding me, the family, the love, the laughter.

So much of it felt so far away.

And I remember being trapped and stuck in a loop of how.

How can I have what I really want?

And I heard my friend reflect that today in her own words and thoughts of being stuck in the how.

So what I want to offer you today is the gift of a shortcut.

Don’t worry about the HOW. And I know it’s easier to say than to do.

But take on the practice of focusing on the WHAT.

What do you want? What do you want your life to look like?

Write it down. Speak it. Feel it. Allow it to permeate your being with not a shred of consideration for the how.

Because as I look back over the years, I see so much time and energy wasted on the how. And that the more I got clear on the what and surrendered any attachment to how that showed up, the faster, more rapidly my dreams came true.

That’s happening now. And it can happen for you too.

The key to having what you really want is to relax the HOW and get super clear on the WHAT. {Tweet It!} 

If you want more support with this, tune into our brand new video series happening NOW.


It’s going to support you to get evermore present and clear about the what and the life you.

And when you do, the how will naturally unfold.

Now it's your turn!

I’d love to hear your WHAT – what you want to create if there was no restriction, no hold-back – what are you wanting now? Leave me a comment below.

#AsktheCollective: A Simple Way to Move Your Business Forward

You want to know the secret to moving forward? It's all about mind control. You're gonna laugh at how easy it is, but here it is..

move your business forwardThe secret to moving forward is to do what you can to move forward.

What I see most people doing is spending an exorbitant amount of energy and attention to all of the reasons that they can’t move forward. The focus is on the problem. And often on stories, that in most cases, aren’t even true. We are stuck in patterns of thinking that keep us right where we are in our life.

It’s actually brain science. Our neurology is conditioned to use the same pathways – this is what kept us safe thousands of years ago. But today, this doesn’t serve. We need to create new neurological pathways, outside of our comfort zone to lead us to new results and to move forward in our businesses.

When we give our attention and energy to solutions, even if they have nothing to do with our perceived “problem,” magic happens.

Simple, right?

Here's an example of what I mean…

Recently, I was coaching a woman who was upset about owing taxes that she didn't know about. So instead of beating herself up about not calling or doing her research or mourning the money she would lose out on, I asked her to funnel that energy into a project that she could control.

When faced with what you can't control, funnel that energy into a project that you can control that moves your business forward. {Tweet It!}

Because let's face it, in business (and life), we're up against tons of things that we have no control of: unhappy clients, refunds, taxes, late payments, delayed launches.
So when faced with the mountain of things you can't control, don't fret over not having enough time, or not having the know-how, or not having the resources or capital to do what you feel you need to do. Then you are just reinforcing old patterns, ideas and beliefs – giving them more fuel in your neurological fire.

Instead, funnel that energy into a project that you can control that moves your business forward.

You are in the driver's seat.

You're in control.

Now, we want to hear from YOU!

In the comments below, tell us your story of how you've redirected your energy to move your business forward -OR- tell us, what is the one task you're doing today that is really going to drive your business forward?

Have a question or need support to create your life and business on YOUR terms in the new economy? #AsktheCollective! Leave us a comment below with your question or Tweet Us and we'll answer it in our upcoming installments.