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Overwhelm is an interesting word.

I’m noticing a lot of comments in our Facebook group about people feeling overwhelmed, and so I wanted to write to you today to bring you some peace and relaxation.

Overwhelm is an interesting word. My sense of it is that we feel overwhelmed when we are unclear about what comes next or what exactly to do next when we perceive that we have too many options or choices.

What I want you to know that there are a few powerful things that you can do to transform your feelings of overwhelm into a tool to assist you on your journey.

You have the complete power to decide to allow overwhelm to stop you in your tracks OR to shift the feeling into clear action. {Tweet It!}

Here are some ideas for you:

1) Accept that not knowing what lies ahead or what exact path to take is perfect. In fact, if we knew all of the steps we wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore our edges and grow. What would happen if every time you felt overwhelmed you shifted the feeling to anticipation or even excitement for the unknown?

2) When you feel overwhelmed, breathe. I recently posted on my facebook page about the power of NOW and NEXT. This is a six month process. You have plenty of time to simply focus on your next step. If anything feels unclear, bring it to our calls or the facebook group.

3) See overwhelm for what it may be in your case, a power play by your ego to keep you from doing the things that will create change in your life. Our highest selves know that our desires are possible. Our egos, however, are charged with keeping us safe. And from the frame of our ego, the discomfort of the known is preferable to the opportunity of the unknown. And our ego is sneaky. It creates quite logical reasons, i.e. overwhelm, for us to stay… right. where. we are.

You always get to decide my love. It is your work to learn to override your own thinking through your breath and intentions so that you can continue on your path to having more of what you want.

Learn to override your own thinking through your breath & intentions to continue on your path to having more of what you want. {Tweet It!}

I am here for you, love.

Big love,

Awesomenessfest: Appreciating Your Greatest Asset

When I was asked to write a blog about my experience at and with Awesomenessfest, I knew that I wanted to step outside the box. At first, I thought, “okay, I’ll post a recap of the event, about my involvement, and what is has brought into my life. Oh, and include some photos and what not.” But no… this is not what my heart wanted to share. THIS is what I really want to share. I want to fully introduce you to Afest as BEST as I can so here we go! 

What is our greatest asset… not money, not oil, not big houses…

I think you guessed it already.

Our greatest asset is PEOPLE… YOU. (phew… and well, duh!)

So, really then if we’re talking about us… people… it’s… WHO are our greatest assets?

I recently read an article in Forbes where Contributor Tim Maurer talks about “allocating your most valuable asset.”

The most valuable asset being YOU or in investment terms: “labor capital.” 

Tim says, “First, we’d invest purposefully in our labor capital. Yes, this means pursuing education, but it also means cultivating our earning potential through mentoring and coaching.

It also means pursuing a job that we enjoy so we don’t feel boxed in if it’s necessary or desired to extend the longevity of our career—and our labor capital.”

I feel it’s safe to say then that our greatest assets in this world right now are those who know themselves to be their greatest assets and who are appreciating themselves.

People who are continually learning, growing, receiving education, mentoring, and coaching.

People who take a stand for pursuing work that they enjoy so they are never locked into what they don’t want to do, and really,
there’s no end in sight with having a “lifetime career” of ‘doing what they love.’ And not just for the point of ‘doing what they love’… but to do it meaningfully. To have purpose. To give back. To make a difference.

Also, people who understand that by cultivating their earning potential through receiving the proper mentoring to grow their “Great Work” means they can give back more and fund that which will bring about more change.

I’m sure you are noticing and feeling, THANKFULLY, there are many people like this and the number is only growing. (YAY!).

Surely, everyday, I feel in my bones the growing number of people around the world who are raising their value and contributions in the world for the betterment of others.


If you’ve chosen to read this article, then I’m sure you’re one of these people. And even if you don’t feel that you are, deep down… you are (and who knows, maybe it’s this article that will light your flame!).

I’d love to introduce you to one group of extraordinary people who represents being our world’s greatest assets.

Meet an awesome group of assets… Afesters.


Yes, you heard it right.

I was first introduced to Afesters by one of the coolest guys I know, namely, Caleb Jennings, the co-Founder of one of the largest healthy eating & healthy living communities on the web, Young&Raw. We were roommates at the time (back in 2010) and him and his Love & my gal pal, Sheleana, had just began their raw food journey. It has been awe-inspiring to watch them flourish!

Now, talk about people who put their growth, learning, education as top priority and who were two of the first people I met who opened me up to what was totally new to me at the time (and a lifestyle they were rock’in!): working with whom you want, when you want and making good money doing the work you love to do… all while making big, positive impacts in the lives of others and on the world at large.

What is an Afester?

Like Caleb & Sheleana… Afesters are walking, talking examples of people who put themselves, and their growth and learning first in order to make epic, positive waves in the world.

As soon as Caleb shared about this Tribe and movement with me, I had CHILLS. I knew from that moment… “yes! I’m an Afester, too!!” … And more on how this unfolded this in a bit.

Now, you’re probably wondering where does an Afester come from?

Afesters make up the Tribe of Awesomenessfest!

Yes, Awesomenessfest!

What is Awesomenessfest?

Well, in the words of founder, Vishen Lakhiani, “it’s where a Tribe of people doing epic sh*t come together.” And this is NOT just for entrepreneurs. Whether you're a passionate employee, a CEO, a doctor, a non-profit worker, or anywhere in between. Afest is for PEOPLE doing epic sh*t.

Afest originated as a yearly event and then quickly moved into being two times per year: an Afest West, and an Afest East. Locations including Costa Rica, Maui, Dominican Republic and Mexico on the West, and Bali and Thailand on the East. And for 2015, there will be an Afest Europe… Croatia, baby!

It’s also a non-profit event of MindValley. If you don’t know MindValley, you want to know MindValley. Founded by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is a global brand and company that invests in, creates and builds businesses that align with its goal to push humanity forward. Incredible people, incredible programs… helping millions of people ‘be extraordinary.’ Amazing.

And woo hoo! Yes! Non-profit! Each year, profits go to the following absolutely remarkable organizations:

  • The Pachamama Alliance who empowers indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture, while inspiring individual everywhere to connect, learn, grow, and thrive, founded by Lynne Twist and her husband Bill.
  • Give Love, who assist displaced children and families after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, co-founded by Patricia Arquette and Rosetta Getty.
  • The X Prize Foundation leads highly leveraged, incentivized prize competitions that push the limits of what’s possible to change the world for the better, founded by Peter Diamandis.
  • Shine on Sierre Leone who shines the light on Sierra Leone’s needs and create sustainable programs to promote thriving self-sufficient communities, founded by Tiffany Persons.

Many Afesters have volunteered with these organizations and so there is a ton of love and connection here.

In a most delicious pistachio nut shell, the Awesomenessfest the Tribe comes together to:

  • connect authentically with fellow Tribe members;
  • overcome those sticky mental blockages we feel are holding us back, knowingly and unknowingly;
  • learn productivity and life hacks to accelerate us forward;
  • find out how to build a meaningful movement and connected culture;
  • discover new ways to look at ourselves and the world;
  • uncover that which we have been hiding;
  • truly, fully be ourselves in a loving and supportive environment;
  • socialize and create beautiful friendships with like-minded individuals;
  • meet our next partners, mentors, coaches, advisors;
  • fall in love with ourselves, the world around us… and to even find our future life partner, wife or husband.
  • … and, finally, to have a whole heck of a ton of FUN, together!

Put simply, it’s 4-days of Awesomeness in an gorgeous, hot location with incredible people! From day to night, we go from groundbreaking TED-like talks and workshops to unbelievable parties and celebrations, where we dance the night away!

Your Awesome Awesomenessfest Itinerary:

The Days…

Wake up and choose how you want to start your day… head to yoga, a fitness class, meditation, or catch some Zzzzzz’s (especially if you were out late shak’in your booty!). Some of the most loving people I know have led these optional morning activities, including Dr Fabrizio Mancini, Adriene Mischler, Renee Airya, and Tom Cronin (If you don’t know these amazing folks, highly recommend looking them up!).

The experience of teaching yoga at Awesomenessfest in the Dominican Republic will always be in my heart. Love to contribute to my Tribe. 

Speaker Sessions:

Then, we continue the day-time sessions being lit up by some of the most remarkable speakers out there today while breaking out into dance parties, and who knows what else. It’s a spontaneous bunch.

This year, I was particularly ignited by speakers Emily Fletcher, Sonia Choquette, Carl Harvey, and Kyle Cease.

Vishen Lakhiani, the Founder and Visionary of MindValley and its event Awesomenessfest, always make me sing “BRAVO!” as he communicates the Vision of the movement, and helps the Tribe ground into why we're all together, day to day. Crucial to our ability to thrive during the Fest. So appreciative of Vishen's Visions! … (Love saying that!).

Lisa Nichols also contributes an immense amount of passion towards us revealing our truth, as well, and even does a complimentary pre-Afest workshop that stokes our fire and begins our transformation before Afest even officially gets started.

The line up of speakers every year is just brilliant, brilliant, brilliant… from Gabrielle Bernstein to Chip Conley. You can check out the bios and achievements of these great people here and here as I could write a blog alone on each person.

Kelsey Grant of Radical Self Love, Me, Lisa Nichols, and Jaci Clark

Then… THEN!

Here Comes The Night…

It’s time for the ever-highly anticipated evening events of Awesomenessfest. The parties get better every year. Tanya Lopez leads the development here and she blew me away this year! I mean this past Afest in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, there was a dancing horse at the authentic Hacienda Ranch-style costume theme Party! Upon seeing this dancing horse, my partner, Kevin jokingly said, “Okay. My life is now complete.”

I just gotta show you this…


The catamaran cruise is always a highlight! To be on a boat connecting with 100 of your truest friends, to dance and feel the wind blow in your hair, as you gaze out towards the ocean’s horizon… Breathtaking and SO FUN.

Discover Culture:

I love that each year, we make a point to celebrate in ways that are reflective of the local culture. For example, in Puerto Vallarta, we had a “Day of the Dead” or “Día de Los Muertos” celebration on the opening night as this traditional opportunity to commemorate those gone before us had just passed.

The whole event is designed to help you create an intimate relationship with… the magic of life.

Lara + Afest = Meaningful Growth & Happiness:

Now, I'd love to share with you about my involvement with Awesomenessfest. I’ve had the true and unbelievable pleasure of being 1 of 4 Awesomenessfest Interviewers. One of my good friends, William Oliver, became the Marketing Manager for Awesomenessfest in 2010 and brought me and one of my besties, Kelsey Grant, on board to facilitate the interviews as we had done similar work together just previously conducting interviews with small business owners and matching them to suitable training programs… we rocked this initiative and we were ready to step it UP with MindValley!

… Plus, I think it was all just written in the stars…

Unlike most other events, there is an application process to attend, and I’m the one of the lucky ones that gets to interview you, and learn all about the epic waves you’re making in the world.

It’s really about hearing from you about what you stand for and what you're creating that’s making a difference in the lives of others and the world. It’s important for us to fully see and feel that you are taking a stand for putting yourself, your learning, and your growth,first, so you can continue to grow that which you are building.

We want to know that you are a walking, talking example of someone who puts to work the fact that you are your greatest asset.

Because as you grow, I grow. As I grow, you grow. The whole world is better of because of the changes we make.

I have had the utmost pleasure and joy conducting approximately 700 interviews over the past 4 years with some of the most inspirational people in the world!! The fact that I'm facilitating the energy that's created at Awesomenessfest through this… well, I hold this responsibility seriously and lovingly… from wherever I am. I love conducting interviews from the beach or a beautiful location bringing in that essence of Afest.

Incredible, AMAZING things have been catalyzed in my life through the vehicle of Awesomenessfest.

From cultivating a network of dear friends around the world (I always knows I have someone to stay with wherever I am, or at least to go for dinner with), to linking up with the people who helped me (and continue to support me) to fully create the Digital Nomadic lifestyle I dreamed of (working with whom I want, when I want, doing meaningful work I love and that’s making a difference, like collaborating with Eyes Wide Open Life), to allowing myself more deeply, year to year, to become how I truly want to be in the world.

Eyes Wide Open Life + Afest = Great Things!:

In fact, I met our very own, Alexis Neely, through Awesomenessfest… and upon looking more deeply into her work, we started working, playing, and creating together within Eyes Wide Open Life. Many other key moments that have contributed to Eyes Wide Open Life’s growth were mobilized by Afest as well. We put a blog together about this here. So as you can see when we bring together people who are doing epic things in the world… more epic things happen!

 Ali, Kiva, and Jena la Flamme having a laughable moment at Afest Dominican Republic, 2013

My Biggest Takeaway Every Year:

Every year, I step into more of my true Self, more powerfully and more confidently than ever before. Whatever I walked in with that was holding me back… is released! I face my fears. Unblock. And I leave with a clear sense of direction, a ton of energy, and passion to create what my heart is most yearning to express.

Any opportunity you get to be around high energy, highly inspired and inspirational people… do it! It's amazing what just being around and apart of this energy will do.

Okay, time for GRATITUDE:

I have eternal gratitude for Vishen Lakhiani, the original Founder of Awesomenessfest, and all my Afest teammates, such as Event Organizers, Tanya Lopez, Laura Viilep, Rebecca Ambler, Jaclyn Lee, and Olla Lobbas; my fellow Interviewers, Kelsey Grant, Paul Helman, Kamal Seth; and the lovely, rockstar support team I get to play with each year, Cristina Urioste, Rebekah Uccellini, Jason Campbell… the list goes on. I also have such a joy meeting new Rockstar Crew Members each year such as Natasha Zolotareva, and this year’s Hostess and MC, Mia Koning. Such great people, and honoured to be on this team.

In Conclusion:

As others decide to jump on their path of discovery, growth, and healthy change… we all grow, and change for the better of ALL. It’s as simple as that.

As you continually decide to become a positively influential person in the world through continually growing, learning, and upleveling, you do epic sh*t in the world and make everything better, for everyone.

It’s people who know they are their greatest asset who will change the world for the better. When we without-a-doubt understand this fact… you and me are this big, beautiful earth’s greatest assets. And what do greatest assets do? Appreciate and contribute in great value!

Isn’t this awesomeness?!

Whether you're currently a fellow Afester or not, I would love to hear from you below about what has been inspired within you through this Awesomenessfest share! If you are an Afester and reading this, what has come true for you through being apart of the Tribe? Would love hear your story! 

Now, I've explained as best I can… Awesomenessfest, with that said, you HAVE TO COME to see, feel, experience for your amazing Self! To get notified of upcoming Awesomenessfests in 2015 , head on over to the website to be one of the first to be notified and to apply for your invitation (we're even expanding next year to have a 3rd event in Europe!): 

Love to you,

Lara Berg

~Creative Director at Eyes Wide Open Life 

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How to Embrace Awesomeness (without feeling like a dork)

My Birthday Prayer for You

Dear Friend,

I’m 41 today.

And am celebrating a quite successful 40th year.

I woke up this morning thinking of you, though… What could I possibly give you, or say to you to inspire you to BELIEVE, deep down in your soul, without a shadow of doubt, that you can have the life you want, the love you want, the money you want…

All of it.

I considered giving you a free course, or an ebook, or something else tangible, but want I want to give you is a prayer.

You know, I’ve done some crazy things in my life (shocking, I know). I got married at Burning Man. I’ve gone through bankruptcy. I’ve blown up million dollar businesses and rebuilt them. And I don’t regret any of it. The truth is that every “mistake” lead me exactly to the next level of my personal evolution.

I trust that there are more mistakes and more evolutions to come.

Having witnessed Barbara Marx Hubbard speak a couple of week’s ago – so LIT UP, and joyful, at the young age of 82, I am certain there’s more evolving and growing to do…

Here she is introducing me before my talk at Success 3.0… Talk about a surreal moment…

So here is my birthday prayer for you:

May you let go of fear – fear of failure, fear of judgment and criticism, fear of losing what you don’t actually have (namely security). 

May you discover the divine light within your heart that will guide you without fail to your destiny. 

May you come to understand that money is just an exchange of energy, and is infinitely replaceable. 

May you see that time is yours to harness, so that you are in complete control of the outcome of your hours, days, and years. 

I pray that you know love, in the deepest sense of the word. 

I pray that you fail – so you can grow. 

And I pray that you succeed – so our planet may heal. 

Will you do me the honor of sharing a gift with me on my birthday?

Take a deep breath.

I would love for you to look within and acknowledge one thing that you are tolerating in your life… just one.

Bring the vision of it into your heart and surround it with love, and ask yourself what small step you can take to make this situation better….

What can you do in the next 24 hours to take a stand for yourself?

Write it down. Do it.

There is nothing more that I would desire on my birthday than to know that you have more of what you want. And it’s the small steps that lead to the best outcomes.

I have so much gratitude for this life, and for you for sharing it with me.

Be blessed and enjoy the day,

Eyes Wide Open Afest Fun Facts

Here at Eyes Wide Open, we hold Awesomenessfest very near and dear to our hearts.

Here are a bit of Afest + EWO Fun Facts:

  • Ali and Kiva created their official EWO partnership at Afest 2013 in the Dominican Republic.
  • Lara and Kiva met for the first time in person at Afest last year in the Dominican Republic as they floated out at sea on the boat cruise party.
  • Lara Berg, the Creative Director, here at Eyes Wide Open has been a big part of the Afest team for the past 4 years. In fact, if you apply to come (as it is by invite-only), you just may be interviewed by her (maybe you even have been interviewed by her if you have attended!).
  • Lara first learned of and became attracted to Alexis Neely and her “Great Work” via both being apart of the Awesomenessfest Tribe.
  • This year… Kevin Heidt (Lara’s Love and who we call the “EWO Ninja” as he’s ‘the man’ on the team who supports us ladies in so many ways, not to mention ROCKS Facebook advertising)… attended for the first time this year with Lara and Dj’ed an awesome boat cruise party.
  • Finally, Lara, Kevin, Kiva, and Kiva’s husband, Michael, all met in person for the first time this year; meeting in person always helps us to create in deeper ways together here at EWO.

So as you can see, Afest has been a key catalyst for us and has truly created MAGIC for the Eyes Wide Open Collective, and our work in the world. It’s amazing what can be created from 4-days of awesomeness.

Have you attended Afest? We'd love to hear all about your experience, insights and all around AWESOMENESS!

Leave a comment with your own Afest fun facts below and share your pics over in our private Facebook group here.

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Loveletter: My coming out party … (something incredible happened)

This past weekend at the Success 3.0 Summit I opened the kimono and came out in a big way…

I told the story of my three awakenings, the bankruptcy, the two personalities that emerged through it all, my vision of a world that works for everyone and the integration that is now occurring.

You can see a pictorial representation of my talk here:

And, I’m beginning the process of writing the whole story out. I hope to have that to share with you sometime soon.

Here’s what the most incredible thing was…

The room was full of people from all walks of my life. I know this is going to sound crazy (or perhaps narcissistic), but it’s almost as if the event was thrown for me. A true coming out party.

My very first teachers after my first awakening, Satyen and Suzanne Raja, were there. They also led me into my second awakening, what I call the Oneness Awakening.

Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith was there. He’s the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, the first place I found my spiritual home. Growing up, I was born Jewish and told God was for stupid people. So when I moved to LA and found myself looking for a church, it didn’t really make sense. But the moment I walked into Agape, I knew I was home. Each word Rev. Michael spoke was a remembering of what I had always known to be true. Being with him at Success 3.0 was such a treat.

Eben Pagan and his wife, Annie Lalla, were there. The two of them have been profound guides for me over the years. In fact, I was there at the moment they met and on the night they first became romantically involved, a few months later. They have been such deep teachers for me, each in their own way.

Jack Canfield was there. Jack was one of my early teachers from afar. He gave me the courage to go into debt to fuel my dreams and to release that debt when it no longer served me or the planet for me to continue carrying it.

Barbara Marx Hubbard was there. She became one of my teachers over New Year’s 2011 when I heard her speak and met her at an Integral New Year’s Conference. I began to adopt her vision of the birth of a new world and, I dare say, it has happened.

The baby has been born and we are it. Learning to live, work and love in community and sometimes falling on our face as we do it. Tweet It! 

Just as a toddler falls down as she learns to walk.

Lynne Twist was there. Her book the Soul of Money was exactly what I needed to read to understand that financial freedom is a farce and to truly understand and step into financial liberation, which is at the heart of the Money Map.  Watch for us doing a joint workshop in the Spring. So excited.

Ken Wilber was there and while we never met in person, his integral teachings form the underpinning of my life. And I’ve long associated my purpose with what I’ve learned from him about what happens when we make the leap from Stage One Consciousness to Stage Two (Integral) Consciousness. It’s a driving force of my life.

David Hassell, KC Baker, Gaby and Raj Sundra, four of the loves of my life. Kiva, a dear sister and one of my partners in this business. Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker, Andrea Albright and Jon Benson four of the people in the online space I respect the most. The Maverick Next crew from Yanik’s 25 and under mastermind group — gosh I love that crew. They were all there. Julia Allison, Bear Kittay, Katiyana Williams, Daniel Claussen, Decker Cunov, and Myka Michaelian, Josh Zemel, and Rose Cole, family through and through.

Not to mention a good part of my Burning Man family, my Colorado community, my soul family that is coming together to steward land in Crestone, CO, my beloveds from San Diego, and Kate Maloney, the queen of the event organization, herself. Plus, of course, Marc Gafni, the creator of the whole thing.

Each one of these people are my teachers and family. I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience of being so surrounded by people who have served such deep purpose in their lives at this event.

And then, to make it even better, I got to meet some of the people I feel confident will serve deeply in my life in years to come, Amber Rae, creator of the World We Want project, Bud Sorensen, founder of the Slow Money initiative, Adam Bellows, from Harper Collins, and Maggie Doyle, former lawyer and now CEO of Brad Blanton’s Radical Honesty company.

I know this sounds crazy, but it really did feel as if the event was built for me.

In front of my teachers, my soul family and my future collaborative partners, I got to tell the story of awakening to my true self and learning to live as her, fully, 100% of the time, no hiding or shaming.

I didn’t get to tell the whole story though because I only had 20 minutes.

Every person who came up to me after my talk said — wow, I never really knew you before. Now, I get you. Thank you for telling your story. I am inspired.

It makes me want to tell it more often, for more people to hear it. But not just a snippet, the whole thing.  

Watch this space. Perhaps I will write it bit by bit, on the blog and here, over the rest of this year.

For today though, I want to talk about launching and what comes up and then what happens after it’s all said and done. It’s been quite the journey. Lots to learn. Read the blog for more on that…

Big Love,

Online Launch Lessons + How to Deal with Clients Who Second Guess Your Programs

When you launch, you expect to work long. You expect to work hard. You expect your list size to change. You expect to welcome new people into your community. You expect to have to shift a few things on the fly. You expect to receive good and bad feedback. You expect to gain valuable insights on your product/program/service.

But it can blow your mind the inner shifts that a launch can bring on…

Lonely girl meditating on the open road

Our completely updated, all new, totally revamped, last ever live with me Money Map launch ended this week after two long months. And there were massive inner shifts happening for everyone on our team, most of all, Me.

First and foremost, this was the longest launch in the history of launches. Whew, I’m glad it’s over.

Why was it so long? Because the first phase of the launch didn’t go well. The videos we made just didn’t build enough awareness and understanding of what the Money Map is and how it would help you to transform your life and business.

So, we needed to pivot at the last minute. We knew if we opened the cart and started selling the program then, we would not have the results or impact we wanted.

My strategic mind got activated and the first thing I did was decide to discount the program significantly. The Collective was not on board with that and while they did go along with it for a minute, they called for something else, something more impactful that would help people to truly see the power of the Money Map.

So we decided to give the Accelerated version of the Money Map course away for free. (Read more about our rule-breaking launch here.)

This scared the crap out of me because it meant delaying sales of the program for another 3-4 weeks and we needed the revenue to make payroll. And we didn’t know if giving it away for free would cannibalize the enrollments when we did put the program on sale.

But we did it anyway. We took on a private client, put off paying ourselves and invested in the next level of our growth as individuals and as a company.

Over 5,000 people enrolled in the 2-week free course and I could feel the shift in energy. Finally, people were deeply understanding the work of the Money Map. I knew that when we began to enroll in the full 6-month course, we’d have plenty of people ready to join us.

Putting off our enrollment for 3 weeks brought up a lot of my own fears around money, time and return on investment, forcing me to get into true alignment with my own Money Map at a far deeper level.  It required me to look at where I was working out of alignment, investing more time than I really wanted to in things I don’t really love to do, and not valuing my energy as much as I could.

What a gift. To be “forced” to do my own work on myself is always such a blessing. I encourage you to look at where you can choose to do your work on yourself more often so that you are not forced into it. It’s far more enjoyable to choose. But force sure does work too.

So I once again applied the Money Map in my own life and came to clarity. This clarity is requiring a restructuring of the way I work in both the New Law Business Model business and the Eyes Wide Open Life business, and I’m grateful for it.

Going forward, I will devote about ten hours a week to each business, freeing up my time to finish the proposal for You Are Not Your Credit Score, move forward more powerfully with my media projects and devote plenty of time and energy to self care, relationships and 2 private clients.

I’ve decreased my pay from Eyes Wide Open so that each of the Eyes Wide Open Collective partners are paid exactly the same thing and I’ll make up the difference by serving the private clients I will now have space for. I feel excited about that.  (Email and let me know if you’d like to be considered for one of those two spots.)

I love how the Money Map has forced me to get clarity and come into right alignment with time and money because that’s exactly what I am supporting this new cohort of Money Mapper’s to do over the next 6 months.

Now that the launch is finally said and done, it’s time to move into deep service mode. Releasing new content each week, live coaching our members every other week and time spent answering their concerns and needs in the private forum in between.

Spending time in the forum each week is one of the places I’ll be devoting a substantial amount of my ten hours per week. I love coaching this way and got a beautiful chance to do just that this morning.

One of our new members was having second thoughts about her decision to join the program. This is extremely normal and if you are offering programs, you’ll want to learn how to deal with clients who second guess your programs so you don’t get stressed out when it happens. Instead, you want to look at each opportunity where someone is having a second thought about their decision to join you as an opportunity to coach and support.

Many program leaders would take this into the shadows and work with the member offline or perhaps judge herself and go into questioning around the work, but instead I am working with this member publicly on our forum so everyone can benefit not just from hearing what’s coming up for the member, but also seeing how I am working with the member.

This is how I teach, not just by preaching or telling, but by showing you what it looks like to live and work in the new economy.

You do not need to take anything into the shadows. The more open and transparent you can be, the more impact you can make. {Tweet It!}

I know that by doing it this way our members will handle their own complaints or second-guessers entirely differently than they would otherwise AND by showing it rather than just teaching it, I can transmit far more possibility and truth.

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