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The $100 Million Dollar Man

I hadn’t met the $100 million dollar man and learned his lessons, I would probably still be stuck, spinning my wheels, wondering why I wasn’t having the life I truly wanted and knew was possible, looking outside myself for all the answers.

5 years ago, I met him and I thought for sure he would have the best life I could imagine. I was wrong.

He had a $100 million saved up (and all he talked about was where his money was stashed, what kind of currency it was in, how he could access it, if he needed to), but was still in an endless cycle of working, working, working because he felt like he had to keep earning more and more. His life seemed empty, he had no true freedom.

He had become a slave to never having enough…

From the outside, you might think he had it all, but in reality he was totally trapped with zero time to experience life and false relationships that didn’t truly nourish him.

I knew right then that if I didn’t do something drastic, this would be my life. You see, I was striving for $40 million before I could be free. (Your number may be a million bucks, or half a million, or even just a hundred thousand — whatever it is, if it’s not True, you are trapped.)

I called the CFO of my company and I asked him, “How much money do I actually need to live?”

He said, “I have no idea —  what do you want?”

I couldn’t answer it.

I wasn’t clear…I didn’t actually know what I REALLY wanted – I only knew that it wasn’t what I was having. And, thanks to the $100 million dollar man, I could see I wasn’t on the path to creating it either. Not really.

I was sacrificing my relationships with my kids, my partner, my friends and family to earn “enough” money. I wasn’t even loving my work work anymore. What had once been fulfilling had become something I had to do to have enough.

But I could feel so clearly, it would never be enough because I didn’t even know what I actually wanted. I was basing my enough on lies that had been fed to me without me even noticing. Maybe you are sensing that truth for yourself.

So I set out on a journey to take back control in my life. I had to let go of everything (and rebuild it all from scratch) to do it, but you do not. You will not have to, if you can learn what I have to share with you and break free of the shackles, the lies, that are trapping you.

Think of the raccoon who puts his hand in a box and grabs the shiny ball inside, only to be trapped because he won’t (can’t) drop the ball. That’s all he’d have to do to get free – simply drop the shiny ball. But, his deep conditioning won’t let him.

You can drop the shiny ball now. The Money Map will show you the way.

The Money Map™ helped me (and thousands of others worldwide) get clear on three things:

  • How much money I would truly need to live the life I really, really, really, REALLY want – my magic Money Map number for living my version of an extraordinary life.
  • My entrepreneurial archetype and archetype path – the step by step from where I am now to where I want to go, on purpose and on path, without question.
  • How to structure my income in true alignment —total choice around who I work with, what I do for them, how I get paid, when I work, and how I am being while I work.

It’s time to drop the shiny ball, Love, and take back your life now.

This is your one life and you can experience total personal sovereignty now. It’s time to live wide awake…in this beautiful realization that you are the master creator in your life.

Get the Money Map™ Life Planning Series for free here.

My Friend Request

I wrote this as a follow up to this Facebook post.

People have talked shit about me my whole life.

In high school, walking through the halls, I was called a slut. I couldn't go to parties because I was afraid I would be beaten up by the girls who turned on me when I started to get sexy.

Did I sleep with some guys? Yes, I did. Looking for love in all the wrong places and all that. But did I deserve to be outcast? I don't think so.

It hurt, but I was kind of used to it because my parents (to say it kindly) “stood out” among the wealthy Jewish families in the community we lived in. So before there was anything to say about me personally, I always felt people talking about my family.

In a way, I've been in training to be talked about my whole life.

It's part of the reason I am able to live my life so openly today.

Mixergy founder Andrew Warner called me the “most shockingly open entrepreneur on the whole freakin' site” after our interview.

Why? Because I choose to live free. And it's my dharma.

A few years ago, I asked myself what I could be best in the world at and the answer was “being fully and totally, no holds-barred me.”

So little by little, day by day, since then I have been doing and being that. More and more.

In service to what?

In service to giving you permission to be more of yourself, out loud. 

It's really at the core of all my work in the world. You being more fully you, whatever that looks like. I'm a yes to it.

And knowing you can be this more fully you, out loud, without shame and beyond fear.

So I choose to lead the way.

And as a result, people talk shit about me.

I think the fear of people talking about us is one of the greatest impediments to full expression.

I don't fear it anymore. I accept it. But there is one part I still have a hard time with.

A few years ago when I first embarked upon this journey of full self expression and I got negative feedback, I withdrew.

It was too much like high school. I felt scared. I felt lonely. I felt wrong.

Then, I noticed that my withdrawal created more pain inside me than the negative feedback did and I asked myself if I was willing for it to happen in service to something greater than my little self. I asked myself if I could grow bigger and receive it. I asked myself if it was my purpose to do so.

The answer was yes.

So I set about to create a strength in myself and around me that would allow me to receive the criticism with an open heart.

I researched people I felt were fully self expressed and read the negative things people wrote about them. I gained strength from seeing their continued self expression in the face of it all.

I sought out and found friends and community who would accept all of me, totally.

I did the internal work to clear out my own inner shame and judgment.

I looked at anywhere I didn't believe in my work and made it awesome and gathered the success stories to back it up so that I could refer to them if I ever began to doubt myself again in the face of other people's judgment.

Today, I welcome people writing about me and talking about me.

I have changed my perspective from “there's something bad happening here” to “I'm making an impact and this comes with the territory.”

I'm good with it all. Welcome it all. Have the resources to handle it all.

There's still one little piece though that is like a knife in my heart.

When I discover that people I considered friends aren't truly behaving in ways I consider to be up to my standards of friendship.

Too reminiscent of the girls in high school who so brutally betrayed me, I guess.

And I recognize this is mine to work through and eliminate from my own consciousness. When I fully heal it inside, it will disappear from my outside.

For now though, it still hurts.

So if you are truly a friend, I invite you to live by these “rules” for a new world, at least with me and ideally with anyone you consider a friend:

  • Seek to understand rather than judge.

  • If you have something to say about something I do or say, say it to me directly rather than gossiping about it behind my back.

  • If you aren't a friend, don't pretend you are. Just be direct with what's true.

I understand now that I have probably let in too many people who I thought were friends when they really weren't.

In the past, I've been the kind of gal who assumed you were my friend if we had met in person and connected eye to eye and heart to heart.

Recently though, I've discovered that's not true.

Someone I thought was a friend (and who I let in deep) told me, after she had done some things I consider really mean that, she wasn't actually my friend. I was a role model she said, put on a pedestal and she had always kept her distance.

She used that to justify what I consider to be bad human behavior. But worst of all, I had considered her a friend.

I don't want to be jaded. I want to keep my heart open and I want to understand more about this thing called friendship.

Today, I Have.

I love the internet. And that I invested nearly ten years to create programs and products I believe in so much.

And that I was willing to fall off my horse and get back on and keep riding.

I feel grateful that today I am willing to invest my life and money into making sure the right people know about what I created instead of hiding behind my dislike of or judgment about marketing.

And that I can do it all online, from my iPhone (in bed) if I need or want I to. On my own schedule.

It really is a dream come true.

For those of you just getting started with creating online information products (or even just your very first one to one service), it's worth it to keep going through the hard. If you want to and are willing to face all your personal “stuff” along the way.

I started in 2003 and invested everything I had and more in learning, making mistakes, and learning more. It wasn't easy to get to the place I am in now, but I'm so happy I kept going.

I nearly gave it all up in 2011/2012 when it all seemed so fucked up and I decided to say fuck it, move to a farm and file bankruptcy so I could find what was true and start over on a foundation I believed in.
Now that my services and products are created, refined, upgraded, tested and proven, it's just about marketing them to reach the right people.

I say “just” as if it's easy because I am finally realizing how easy it can be.

I used to believe (and experience) that it was so hard. Glad to be past that!!

With Great Work you believe in and the right people on your team, it really can become easy. Getting to the combination of those two things could be the journey of a lifetime (for me ten years) but so worthwhile mainly because of who you get to become along the way, if you keep learning, growing and evolving.

Knowing the path really helps so that when you are at the hardest parts you can see the finish line (or at least know where it is) and have the motivation to keep going.

When I gave it all up starting in 2010, it was at least partially because I had gotten to the finish line of the path I had taken and it was definitely not where I wanted to be.

Sure it was “successful” in traditional terms (money, fame and all that), but it was lonely as hell and didn't feel good in my body. That couldn't possibly be where I was meant to be.

The idea of starting over was daunting to say the least. But I am so glad I did.

The cyber bullies who write about me make me laugh because they seem to think I must be ripping people off to have life this good. It's that mentality that keeps them stuck at jobs they hate with only a life of writing mean things about people to entertain them.

The truth is that I am able to travel wherever I want, whenever I want, and spend my time with whoever I want (doing my great work all along the way in ways that are super fun to me) because I have invested years and millions (yes a fraction of that from credit cards that I defaulted on along the way, which was part of my learning process as it is for many great teachers) in creating work that helps thousands of people love their own work and lives more.

I took the risks others are unwilling to take, made the investments, put in the long hours, blood, sweat and tears to build programs and products of true meaning and impact.

Today, my clients' success stories are where my true success is found.

I remember being a newly single mom and so badly wanting to create success, reading either Jim Rohn or Brian Tracy for inspiration and deciding that my success would come from helping others get what they want. Today, that is the foundation of everything I do.

I read the surveys our lawyer clients send in and they love their lives and practices thanks to my work. My heart sings with each survey.

I read the posts in my eyes wide open group of people turning their lives and businesses around thanks to the money map and my teachings and my eyes fill with tears. I did it.

I created a legacy of people all around me creating lives and businesses they love and, damn, it feels good to finally be in a place to celebrate that.

I don't “brag” here often about what I created and how many people I help with my creations because I tend to think that people learn more from my mistakes, but maybe it's time to change that belief and share more about the successes. Even if just to help the cyber bullies who spend so much of their precious lives hating on others and give them some hope for their own lives. It's never too late to turn things around.

I was once a hater myself. I judged other people's success because it made my own lack of success more palatable. The truth was that my judgment pointed me to exactly what I really, really, really, REALLY wanted. And it was only by admitting it that I could create it.

Today, I have.

Wow, I didn't expect to write all this, but here it is. I am celebrating. I love the internet. I love helping other people. I love my willingness to keep going through the hard. And I love that it really can become so easy on the other side.

What do YOU love about how you've designed your life and business?

Leave a comment below or join us in our private Facebook group for a deeper discussion.

How to Price and Package Your Services in Alignment So You Can Confidently Engage More Happy Clients and Love Your Work

I consistently see service providers ask the same question, “How should I charge for this service?”

The advice I see them get, most of the time, is the exact reason so many service providers are struggling, can’t get ahead, wonder if they are getting paid enough, work too much and overall feel stuck around their business, their income and their life.

How you get paid for what you do is probably the single biggest influencer of how much you love your work and whether you can build a sustainable income while loving your life.

When you have a process in place for how to price and package your services in alignment , rather than you just picking numbers out of thin air or pricing based on what your competitors charge, you are able to confidently engage clients easily. And, if you work for someone else, you can negotiate your pay (plus future increases) from a place of empowered clarity.

This article introduces you to the Money Map™ system for pricing and packaging your services sustainably, and in such a way that you feel in total alignment with your fees, and as a result engage more happy clients and love your work more.

(Check out the Money Map Life Planning Series – a 4-part mini-course that helps you discover your own Money Map Number and your Entrepreneurial Archetype so you can have what you need to price and package your services in full alignment and confidently engage more happy clients (or negotiate a sweet pay raise for yourself) as a result.)

Up until now, perhaps you’ve been pricing and packaging your services by looking around at how others in your market price and package their services. I’ll call this the competition model of pricing your services. This model usually results in a race to the bottom mentality; who can charge the least? And it doesn’t lead to a life you want, by any means.

Maybe you already price your services way too low, using what I’ll call the loss leader model of pricing your services. You charge as little as possible, just so you can get by and don’t have to be on the hook for doing that good of a job. You’re struggling to get by and wondering how you can possibly do more.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps you’ve been pricing your services by looking at how you can charge as much as possible. I’ll call this the suck as much as possible out of the marketplace model of pricing your services.

This model usually results in you feeling some level of incongruency with your pricing and you engaging a far smaller number of clients than you can actually serve, getting a lot of refund requests or push back on your fees. Perhaps you are also wondering if you are actually providing value, but you’ve got a lot of “face” wrapped up in your fees and you’re so focused on building a million dollar business that you feel like you’ve got to keep doing it the way you are doing it.

None of these strategies lead to pricing and packaging of your services that feels awesome. They lead to you struggling, straining, stressing out about your income and having a lot less to invest in your creative output.

Don’t Sign Your Tax Return Just Yet

So, what’s the better way?

Start with pricing your services based on the least you can charge for you to have what Lynne Twist refers to in her best-selling book the Soul of Money as sufficiency. Sufficiency means knowing what you actually need to have the life you want and then building your income to meet that need. {Tweet It!}

“Sufficiency is precise. Enough is a place you can arrive at and dwell in. So often we think of ‘abundance’ as the point at which we’ll know we’ve really arrived, but abundance continues to be elusive if we think we’ll find it in some excessive amount of something.”

So we begin there. Sufficiency. Enough. You earning what you need to have the life you want delivering a service you believe in that’s priced just right.

A service that’s priced just right for you to have the life you want must be built on a foundation of the life you want. This, my friends, is where most people get stuck.

We are deluded about the live’s we really want. We either do not acknowledge our true desires (and what it really costs to have them) because our true desires feel too outrageous, expensive or downright impossible. Or, we chase, struggle and strive for lives we can never possibly satisfy, always wanting more, more, more, more when the truth is, it will never be enough.

So a process of pricing our services based on sufficiency must begin with the truth about what we really, really, really, REALLY want, acknowledgement of what it will actually cost to have it and the real time we have available to create it.

Most of us are gravely underestimating the time we have available to invest in earning money without sacrificing our self care and relationships. As a result, we are either far undercharging for our services, deciding that self care and relationships aren’t that necessary or wondering why the heck we can’t make our lives truly work.

And if you are charging hourly for your services, forget it. Trading your limited time for any amount of money in 6-minute (or even 60-minute) increments simply sucks your life away.

When you come into right relationship with your time, putting yourself first, your family next and your income-earning activities last, you can price your services in right alignment with what you actually need to have the life you want.

This is what I’ll call the Money Map method of pricing and packaging your services. When you build in your Entrepreneurial Archetype and Archetype Path on top of that, you’re golden.

Once you’ve built on this foundation, you increase your fees as you want to free up time and as you gain more understanding of the true value of the outcome of your services to the people you serve.

Begin the process of discovering what you need to know (your Money Map Numbers and Entrepreneurial Archetype) to price and package your services confidently using the Money Map Life Planning Series.

It’s free to get started here.

Know anyone who could use some help with pricing and packaging their services? I'd love it if you passed this post along.

Everything you truly want is hiding behind your judgment and fear. Create a life plan for your true desires at {Tweet It!}