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Investing in Our Future: Multi-Generational Transfer of Wealth (Done Right)

I didn’t intend to go to the Roots Gathering in Punta Mona after the Envision Festival. I intended to go home and get back to work. But, when I heard Stephen Brooks speaking at Envision about a place where food grows plentifully from the trees, clean drinking water falls from the sky and is caught, filtered and made freely available, and energy is harvested from the sun, I knew I couldn’t go home.  Stephen Brooks described the dream I’ve been dreaming of for years and it’s already built.

After scrambling to change flights, rearrange schedules for me, my partner and my producer and get my kids needs handled back home, I’ll be honest, I almost backed out.
Getting to Punta Mona isn’t easy.  First, it requires a shuttle or bus across Costa Rica to the Caribbean side, then upon landing in Manzanillo (the town closest to Punta Mona), you can either hike in 8km through mud or you can take a 30-minute boat-ride through sometimes rough waters.
I’ll be honest, I was nervous.  Plus, I had Monday morning meetings beginning at 10am that I could not reschedule and that required strong WiFi connection, which I knew I would have to be back in Manzanillo to facilitate.

My mind was screaming “Alexis, what are you doing going off to this remote location when you really need to be at home working?”  My soul said, “Shhhhh, it’s okay. This is important.”

And it was. Oh so important.

As I got off the boat, landing on Punta Mona, I knew I was home.  Fruit trees everywhere, a hearty welcome from Stephen Brooks, the mastermind behind this amazing land, and we were whisked into an orientation by Stephen’s wife, Sarah.

Multi-Generational Transfer of Wealth | OrientationThe first thing I noticed from the orientation was that permaculture principles are baked into the way of life at Punta Mona.  While I had always thought permaculture was just about how to grow plants most effectively, I was beginning to get the idea that permaculture could be the foundation we all need to learn how to grow ourselves most effectively.

Sarah suggested a radically new way of approaching community living — ask yourself “what if everyone did what you are doing?” and when looking to see what your neighbor has that you might not have, flip it around and ask yourself “does my neighbor have enough?”

She also reminded us to “be the nicest you’ve ever been” and other than during one workshop where things got heated (and even in the way that conflict was handled) I experienced everyone doing what appeared to be just that.

One of the things I noticed right away is how deep my own conditioning runs around scarcity and not-enoughness.  I couldn’t imagine how the plants from this stretch of land would be enough to feed our group of nearly 300.  And yet each day and night, we had some of the most delicious meals I’ve ever tasted, full of Jackfruit, and Breadfruit, and foods I’d never heard of, but were amazing, almost all of it picked on site.

And plenty more where that came from.  My mind couldn’t believe it. Food at every turn, delicious water filtered by sand and UV rays, and all the energy we needed to have live music each night after dark, all created on site. My soul simply nodded and said “See, it’s all here. The dream is real. It’s here now.”

This dream began to become a reality 20 years ago when Stephen Brooks asked his dad to go all in with him on what would become a family business.


[Watch an interview with Stephen’s dad Norman Brooks about why he said yes to his 20 year old hippie son when he asked him to invest in his dream and get inspired to ask the elders in your life to support the dream you have of the future.]

Steven and his dad Norman showed up on Punta Mona back in 1996 looking for a place to bring students as part of the Costa Rica Adventure Tours business they started together.  They wanted to show the beauty of Costa Rica, plus the devastation happening in the rain forest and then be a living example of what’s possible.

When they got to Punta Mona and met it’s one and only resident, an afro-caribbean man with a strong island accent named Padi, who was living entirely off the land and sea on beachfront property, Stephen said this is it.
He was right.  And it happened because his dad said yes to helping him make it happen.

Twenty years later, Punta Mona is a place we can learn from in so many ways.

Proof of the living dream, and what it takes to create it.

Permaculture as a way of life, not just a system of agriculture.

Multi-generational investment and partnership.

My soul was drawn to the Roots Gathering so I could remember who I really am, what really matters, and that it truly is possible.



The ability to grow our own food, collect our own water, and utilize only renewable resources for all of our energy.

This is personal sovereignty at the highest level. Punta Mona is proof that we can create this future, now.

How can you contribute to creating this kind of future for yourself, your family, and your community?

  • Learn to communicate with your elders, help them see and feel your vision for the future, and trust it and you.
  • Get exceedingly clear about what you want to create in the world, beyond vague wishes or hopes, into the specifics of how you want to do it and what you need to make it happen.
  • Ask for support, receive it when offered with grace and gratitude, and keep saying yes.

I’ll be taking my kids back to Punta Mona this summer for a permaculture design course because I’m beginning to see that permaculture isn’t just about growing plants, it’s an entire plan for the design of our lives.

More on that another time … until then, I would love to hear from you in the comments.


4 Dimensions of the Life and Income You Want From the Money Map

The first step in creating your Money Map to Freedom™ is to get very clear on what you really, really, really, REALLY want your life to look like.  And not just at one level, but at 4 distinct dimensions.

THIS is where most people sabotage themselves when it comes to designing the lives they really want.  And I've done it too. It can be scary to dream into what we really want, so we compromise.  The Money Map™ process of lifestyle design allows you to ease into it and that begins with identifying what you really want on a spectrum from minimum to be happy, preferred if you could afford it, to no limits, and finally, the absolute reality of now.

This article will explain each of these 4 dimensions more fully so you can begin to feel into the truth of your reality, thereby creating the greatest likelihood of actually having it.

[This article is underway and not complete — please check back shortly OR, better yet, sign up for our next Money Map training and you'll be on our list, so we'll let you know when the article is complete.]

Minimum to Be Happy:

Preferred If You Could Afford It:

No Limits:


If you'd like to go deeper in this process, attend our next live Money Map training and get access to the full Money Map Life Planning series as our gift.

Using the Money Map to Design your Life and Get Paid to Play

The Money Map to Freedom™ process is all about lifestyle design. You designing the way you work and get paid to be in full alignment with your life, who you are, and how you truly want to be in the world.  Or, in simpler terms … the Money Map is about you getting paid to play.

There are two phases to the Money Map process for designing your life so you can get paid to play however you like to play.  And leave behind the security of your steady paycheck with a plan you can count on to support you.

First, clarity.

What do you really, really, really, REALLY want your life to look like. Not just one-dimensionally, but all along the spectrum from minimum to be happy to preferred if you could afford it to no limits.  And finally, where does your now fit into that spectrum?

Once you know where your now is in relationship to the rest of the points on the spectrum, you can map out a path with the straightest line possible to get from exactly where you are now to exactly where you want to go next.

It's nearly impossible to chart a straight line between two points you can't see, so that's where we need to start.

But before we can get into charting the path, you need one more bit of clarity.

Who are you, really?  And how do you love to get paid? What combination of factors has work feel like play to you?

I've identified 8 entrepreneurial archetypes that almost everyone who wants to serve or create in the world falls into and you can mix and match to create the ideal income model for you that truly does allow you to get paid to play.

Once you've got your Money Map numbers clear (where you are now and where you are going next) and you know the mix of Entrepreneurial Archetypes that are most true to you, you have clarity.

You'll know exactly where you are now and exactly where you are going next. Now, you can chart the path from here to there.

Now, it's time for certainty.

You've got the what down (which is the step MOST people skip when trying to build their income in alignment with their life), now it's time for the how.

Yes, how in the heck are you going to do it? How are you going to get from where you are now — probably NOT having the life you really, really, really, REALLY want and maybe not even making enough money to support a life you don't want, let alone the life you do want — to a life you absolutely LOVE making plenty of money along the way?

Once you know your what, the how is actually pretty easy.  Each of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes is keyed to a specific business model with knowable steps to take to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

The reason you don't know how is you probably aren't clear enough yet on the what to ask the right questions to get the how going in the right direction.

I've seen it time and time again — people try to dive into structuring how they'll earn their income before they even know how much they really need to make and how they like to make it.

When that happens, you are either “successful” and find yourself stuck in a business model you really can't stand, but have to keep doing because it's “working” to earn you money, or you struggle.

If you are successful (in this context defined by earning plenty of money), you become addicted to the money you are bringing in. You can't stop (the money is just too good), but you really hate the way it feels each time you do it because you didn't have clarity on how you really like to get paid before you started.

And listen, if you think I mean that you are doing something bad for the money, I don't. This success conundrum applies to anyone who is in the wrong business model for their unique Archetype Path.

I was a lawyer, serving clients with a very high-end estate planning service that the clients loved, but it was no longer the Entrepreneurial Archetype that was right for me and each new client I took on felt like it was taking something from my soul. If you are in the wrong model/utilizing the wrong archetype (for you), you know exactly what I mean.

On the flip side, if you are a more sensitive type, you won't be able to be successful by using an Entrepreneurial Archetype and Archetype Path that isn't aligned with you and where you are.

You may do all the right things, but they simply won't seem to pay off with the same results.  You will wonder why “it” isn't working.   But, of course it's not.  If you are a sensitive being and not aligned, you won't have results even if you are following all the “rules” for success.  Because there aren't really rules, there's simply truth and you aren't aligned with your truth when you are using the wrong set of Entrepreneurial Archetypes.

You can read about the 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes in this article.  And, start your own Money Map using this Money Map online tool.  Clarity is close at hand, and the exact steps on HOW to get from where you are now to where you want to go next are right around the corner.

Make sure to sign up for our next live Money Map training plus access to the Money Map Life Planning Series as our gift to you.

A Day in the Life of a Transformational Leader

I used to have this idea that once I was a transformational leader, my life would be like what I imagine Wayne Dyer's and Suze Orman's lives and businesses are like …

In this dream/vision, I'd be the perfect cross between the two of them.

I'd spend my day writing books, appearing on television and doing interviews.

Oh my, that is a dream come true. Can't you just see it? Maybe you even want it to for yourself too.

[Side note: if you don't want it for yourself, good! We need more people who want to support, facilitate, connect, and create behind the scenes. And, you still need to check out this video series because the world needs you to lead!]

But let me tell you (because we are about eyes wide open around here after all), the reality isn't like that at all. At least, not yet. I do believe it's coming, but before that can happen, I have this burning desire and personal need to build the business infrastructure to support it all.

You see, my mind tells me that once I have the business infrastructure, then I'll have the stable financial support to write the books plus the wisdom to actually share something worthwhile on television and in interviews.

I'm not sure yet whether this is true or just my incessant need for achievement that is fooling me.

Regardless, it's my path. And I surrender to it.

Building businesses is the exact experience I need to have in order to truly become the transformational leader I desire to be.

So today, I won't be writing my book, doing interviews or appearing on TV.

Instead, my day will be all about clarifying and documenting agreements, getting a system set up to manage my metrics and getting coached to create KPIs (key performance indicators that allow me at a glance to measure the health of the company or parts of the company).

This is the real life of a transformational leader. Or at least a leader in the making.

Oh, and I will be getting a facial. One thing I've gotten really great at is maintaining my self care — facials, network chiropractic, regular trips to the hair/lash salon, float tank. I couldn't lead anyone or anything if I didn't care for myself along the way.

Here's what I feel super stoked about:

I am finally being the leader I've always wanted to be and knew I could be, but truly had no idea how to be. The resistance is mostly gone and I am actually doing it and being it.

Partially, I think it's because I am finally seeing exactly what I need to do and that doing it (ensuring that the businesses supporting my work are properly led and supported) is actually the key to having the time, energy and space to write the books, do the interviews and get back on TV to fulfill my dream of transformational TV.

Agreements, metrics and KPIs. I never imagined I'd be excited about and looking forward to getting those locked in.

If you want to get excited with me and truly step into the next level of your own leadership, watch the next video in the Transformational Business Leader video series.

This one is about the 5 Essential Elements of a multi-million dollar transformational business. If you have any desire to impact on a big scale and have the business in place to support that impact, watch the video series now.

Alright, this was long and it's time for me to get back to agreements, metrics and KPIs so I can make it to my facial on time.

I'll be back this weekend with some details about the agreements I created, system I am using to track my metrics and the KPIs I landed on to track the health of the company.

Enjoy your Friday! May it be full of actions that move your life and business forward in the most ideal ways for you.

Love beyond the beyond,


PS — There's a whole thread of super enlightening and entertaining comments below the video. Look for my comment there and reply to it so we can dialogue about what we are learning in the series.

Register for the series and watch the video here.

How Can a Million Dollar Plus Business Fail?

As you likely know by now if you've spent any time around these parts, I've hit the same level in my businesses 3 times now.

I've broken 7-figures, time and time again, which for most people would be the ultimate in next level success.

But we all have our easy to get to thermostat and for me it just happens to be a million, million and a half a year in revenue with me keeping about 25-33% of that.

And no matter whether your thermostat is stuck at $5,000/mo or $100,000/year or $500,000/year or $1mm/year — stuck is stuck is stuck.

So for me, a business that makes a million a year plus is fairly simple to get to — not always easy, but straightforward, clear, direct. I know how to do it.

And I want to break through.  Not for the money. I'm plenty happy with how much money I earn personally. My own work with the Money Map takes care of that, no problem.

But I want more support for my work. More time and energy to start my podcast, and write books, and be more of an “at home mom” to my kids.

A million dollar business requires a lot of oversight. It's a lot of responsibility.

Over the past year or so, I've had CEOs in place to run the businesses so I could have plenty of freedom to travel easily, and be with my kids.

But it wasn't sustainable.  They kept getting burned out. And I had to step back in.

I couldn't figure out why.

I thought maybe it was me. I was flawed in some way.

And while I am definitely flawed in many ways (perfectly so, of course!), what I have recently discovered — that I now want you to learn with a lot less hassle than it cost me – is that I have repeatedly gotten stuck and burned out because the teams supporting the businesses were not set up correctly.

Phew. That is something fixable.

If you want to check out what it would take to build a team that could support a $5,000,000 business, watch Justin Livingston's new video and download the organizational chart he shares.

Now, here's the thing — you MUST watch the video and not just see the organizational chart.

I almost made this mistake and threw my team and myself into a tizzy of “there's no possible way we can do this” — but fortunately, I contacted Justin and he said, watch the video.

I did and now I am on my way to a big breakthrough.

Check it out for yourself.

I'd love to hear what you think about it after you do. It's a game-changer, for sure.


PS — no need to get concerned about my use of the word failure in the subject line of this post. I've gotten to the place in my life and businesses that I am “too big to fail”, but not in the way you may think.  My businesses could still fail. There's no question about it. They are not too big to fail, by any means. My health could fail. My bank account could fail.  But, my internal state is too big to fail.  No matter what happens externally, I have already achieved ultimate success because I love the woman I am becoming in the process.