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Playing it Safe

I'm not known for playing it safe, and yet I'm making a choice today to do exactly that.

I realize that some of you are here for straight-up, direct, no-nonsense business guidance and others of you are here because you really want to know what's going on deep behind the scenes, inside the inner psyche of a single mom, million dollar business owner; you want to know the Truth.

But, the Truth at the level I want to share it isn't for everyone.

So today, I'm going to play it safe. And, let you know that I have some super edgy stuff to share that I'm only going to share with those of you who really want it.

If you do, click here to let me know — and by doing so, you are making a promise to yourself and to me that as you read my deepest, darkest truths you will hold me in love and light.

With that commitment via your clicks, I'll send you some emails over the coming weeks that will get down to the depths of it.

And woah, I am seriously in it.

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Lots of transformational love from the fire,


PS — remember, if you want the down and dirty, use this link to let us know, but only if you promise to hold me in the highest love and light of compassion as you read what I am sharing.

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Does the “right path” really have to hurt so much?

Friday may have been one of the most profound days of pain and healing I've had in a long time. I was facing a loneliness and sense of loss unlike any I have felt in a very long time.

The circumstances of what created it really aren't relevant. There are any one of many things I could make the feelings about and I could even get lost there, avoiding what was really happening in favor of the distraction of story, drama, pointing fingers, blame and victim energy or righteousness.

Not only would that not have served, but those circumstances would only become more deeply ingrained, more locked in, and today thanks to the process I'm sharing with you, the circumstances that brought my pain to the surface to be felt have almost entirely shifted into a new reality that feels just fine today.

I didn't have to make anyone different or change anything outside myself for this to happen.

I did the work here, with myself, and it all resolved. That doesn't necessarily mean the circumstances changed, but my experience of them did. And that is the first step to seeing them actually shift in the longer term. Until that happens, you are literally stuck in the exact thing that you want relief from.

Today, I want to share my process with you because I do believe that when we all get this one, we will be able to stop talking about a world that works for everyone, and starting living it.


Let's start with this …

I used to spend days, weeks, months, years of my life in some kind of conflict. Trying to get other people to be different so I would feel better. Team members, boyfriends, my kids, partners, friends, you name it.

If I felt uncomfortable, they must fix it. Show up differently. Make me comfortable. Reassure me. Stop doing what they are doing or do more of what I want them to do.

Feel into your own reality now and see where that might be present in your own life, business, work or relationships. If you can identify it, notice that if you drop down below what “they” are doing, you feel a pain. Locate that pain in yourself and see what happens if you completely drop the story about the pain and just notice it.

There is pain there. Hurt. Anger. Maybe it burns. Let it.

Your mind will likely want to pull you away from the pain by focusing on what happened to cause it. In that case, allow your mind to go there for the purpose of deepening you into the pain you are feeling. As much as possible, do not take any action from this pain. Recognize that you are consciously engaging the story, not to distract, but to actually feel more of the feeling the story generates in you.

This is the gift. More on that below. First …

Do not send that text or email. Do not reach out just to [fill in the blank]. Do not go to a friend to process it, unless you are 100% certain they will support you to drop the story completely and feel more of the feelings that come as a result of the story.

The feelings are where you will find the healing. And, it will be as close to permanent as you can get in an impermanent world.

If you stick with the process I am sharing here and can find your way to the place where the stories you are currently seeing will resolve in your life, you will not keep repeating them, and you will find yourself living in a whole new reality.

It's going to require you to face a pain you've likely spent your life avoiding, but I can assure you that facing it is the path to everything you want (much of which you probably don't even know you want) and it will be over much more quickly than your mind tells you.

In fact, right now, I'd bet that the time you are spending avoiding truly feeling and facing this pain is the biggest time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) suck in your life.

When you can use the pain of your current wish for someone to be or behave differently to catalyze your own healing, you will finally find that the TEAM (both people and time, energy, attention and money) in your life uplevels significantly.

Okay, so here's the big shift you get to make as part of this process and that I was once again reminded of yesterday.

The pain that is being brought up for you by the circumstance or the person is nothing to rail against, it's a gift. It's here for you.

The person or thing creating the pain is your ally, at the deepest/core level. They likely don't have any idea of it, so it's not necessary for them to even know about it at this point.

For now, your job is to feel the pain, anger, hurt, humiliation, betrayal, whatever. Feel it all the way through. Cry. Rail. Protest. Punch a pillow. Scream at the top of your lungs in a safe space.

It really helps to have someone hold space for you for this. I've found it nearly impossible to do on my own.

On Friday, my dear friend Colby Collins held beautiful space for me by phone. As I went about my day doing small acts of self care that I had put off for too long (such as going to the DMV to register a car that was given to me for my daughter to drive and a car my company bought at year end to become part of the consciousness raising caravan we are creating, getting my passport renewed for my trip to Costa Rica to speak at Envision Festival at end of February, and going to the bank to open a new business account), I felt and cried and periodically checked in with Colby.

Now, some people would say you need to do all your feeling in a certain way, in quiet, stillness and alone. I did some of that too.

But when I felt into what the part of me who was feeling really needed, it was self care in the form of taking care of the stuff that had been put off for too long already and continuing to feel it all along the way.

I took my passport photo right after the last good cry of the day that opened up a new sense of freedom, resourcefulness, spaciousness and calm within me and feel grateful to always have this memory of that moment on my passport.

Being held in the arms of sisters and brothers, also really good.

The pain was a gift. Feeling it was a huge step towards healing it. While there may be more to do (perhaps there always will be), I am not stuck in the drama and story of what I thought was causing it. I addressed it at the root level.

Today, I feel free, light, resourced, rested, and held. I trust more deeply than I did before. I can let go of what doesn't serve and say a more powerful yes to what does. I am clear.

You can do this too. I really hope you will.

Recognize that the uncomfortable feelings are a gift. If you don't believe me, read this article on the 16 Uncomfortable Feelings That Indicate You Are On the Right Path.

Start looking within to change your feelings, not without.

Feel them fully and it will all transform. It may actually be that there is some action for you to take to shift the circumstances, and that will naturally arise from a place of truth and knowing after you've done the internal work to be with the pain arising.

If you need someone to hold you through the process, consider my friend Colby. He's truly a master. You can find him through his website at

And, if you desire a support team to guide you to eyes wide open use of your time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) resources, join us in the annual Eyes Wide Open membership and receive the full Money Map program as a bonus (only 10 spots left).

With so much love on your journey to face that which is most desiring your attention,


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Perfection Not Required

Recently I was in Esalen for 4 days (check out the pictures here) and then leading my Money Map Masters Founder's Group retreat here in Boulder (here are some pictures from the retreat).

I didn't open my computer for the whole week.It felt great. And then on Sunday, I got anxious. Probably because I hadn't yet written this Love Letter, or the emails announcing the end of the discount code for our annual membership offer, or the emails announcing our payment plan options.

Rather than succumbing to it and getting back onto the computer before I was ready, I let it be. I felt the anxiety, tried not to create any story about it, and spent time with my family.

Then, the work week started and I was deep into re-entry with focus on the expansion of the New Law Business Model business model. I'm bringing in a COO so we can go to the next level of growth while I step more into creating content and away from running the company.

I've tried to break through this level three times and I haven't made it yet, but I'm betting the 4th time's a charm.

So, here I am, sending this out half a week late and remembering (and reminding you) that it's okay. Perfection is not required here.  Sure, consistency is best in business. If you can send out your newsletter the same day every week, awesome. And, if that's not a match with your life, don't beat yourself up for it.

Just get it out when you can and trust that the people who need to get it will.

I am making a conscious decision to not push myself the way I have in the past, to really live my Money Map and put myself first, family second and work third, knowing I have enough.

Pre-Money Map, I would push myself way harder than was really sustainable to make sales, to be “successful” by someone else's definition and to keep up with the launch whizzes who are part of my peer group.

When I updated my own Money Map last year, I realized that it was not reasonable to have two businesses that were doing regular high pressure launches of products/programs to different audiences. Not without burning myself out.

So, even though I had invested $24,000 in a mastermind designed to support me to take my business to the next level and $15,000 in a launch manager, I decided to take a different path. I chalked those investments up to learning what I didn't want, and sunk more deeply into what I do.

While I want the work of Money Map and Eyes Wide Open out into the world, it can't be at the expense of my well-being and my relationships.  Those are priority.

So, I did end up getting out emails about the end of our payment plan, but I didn't announce the end of the discount, which means I'll extend it a couple of days. And that's okay.

When you are in business for yourself, you get to choose what gets done and what doesn't.

And I hope you choose wisely, putting yourself first, relationships second and earning money only last, with a clear plan to know you have enough so you can.

To do so will require you to get beyond your Money Dysmorphia (the distorted view of our finances that causes us to make poor choices around our non-renewable assets, time, energy and attention) and start making life and work choices from clarity.

My friend Myka did this and she was able to carve out 6 weeks to write her book, trust that she doesn't need to take on revenue generating work for 3 months and is freeing up the space to live the life she's always wanted.

Why wait to have the life you really want?

This is the time, your time is now. My work is to guide you to see the resources available to you to live that life today and stop putting it off until you have enough. You have enough now. It's time to mine it and truly live.

I love you so much. Keep showing up through all of it.  Perfection is not necessary.

Love beyond,



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