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Are you investing in the wrong strategies (and guides) for your income model?

Willow was determined.

She saw me online and after checking my story out (of going from traditional lawyer to feather-wearing online business owner impacting on a much broader scale), she knew she needed to meet me and work with me one-on-one.

It didn't matter that I wasn't taking on private clients.It didn't matter that she had to email my team through five different portals.

She didn't care what she would have to pay.

Willow was committed to sitting down with me.

This is a woman who knows how to get what she wants.

Willow has been doing hair for 15 years. And during that time, client after client would tell her “Willow, you're reading my mind!” So she calls herself the accidental psychic and is ready to transition from 1-1 hairdressing work to a more leveraged, online business teaching others how to tap into their own intuitive and psychic powers.

She took B-School, she's got her brand, her website and even her free gift.

But one major piece was missing from B-School. A really great understanding of the business model that would make the most sense for her.

together here at my home That's why she came to me. She wanted to learn from someone who has already done what she wants, has the kind of life she imagines for herself and the people she was meeting online or who hadn't been there/done that couldn't offer that to her.


And, yes, while we hung out together here at my home for an hour, I downloaded the step by step to her and she didn't have to pay tens of thousands (okay, I likely paid hundreds of thousands if you add up all the investments I made over the years) for it.

I rewarded her determination, her tenacity, and her heart and soul by just giving it to her straight.

The step by step from where she is now to exactly what to do next.Because it's my mission.

I remember that version of me that was HUNGRY for guidance. HUNGRY for direction. PRAYING for someone who would just tell it to me straight.

Now, I am that one I was praying for and I am grateful to be able to give it to you.If you want the step by step to make your own transformation, get informed, survey the field, read everything you can that speaks to you, watch all the videos, read all the sales letters, get all the newsletters.

BUT, don't make a decision to invest in ANYTHING until you are super clear on your income model and what will support you to create exactly what you want.

Here's the next thing I suggest you watch that will guide you to understand more of your own income model.

Justin Livingston and Callan Rush have put together a documentary-style video that lets you into the details of their own decision-making process when they were at a business model crossroads back in 2010.

Plus, a training that goes along with it to help you choose the right way to enroll clients for YOU based on your business model.Enter your first name and email on this page and you'll get to see all of it.

But remember, this is all research for now. You are not going to invest in anything, make a decision to do another training or hire another coach, or make another investment in THE thing for the next level of your business, until you are certain about your own income model.

I'm here to help you get the clarity you need so you can get where you actually want to go as rapidly as possible.With your eyes wide open,


PS — Enter your name and email address using this link and then watch Justin and Callan's documentary style video that takes you behind the scenes into their business model decision-making process — it's HUGELY instructive for your next steps.

Do webinars really work to generate you clients? My experience + a resource 

I've been building my businesses in the online world since 2006 and have tried just about every single method of selling products and services online you can imagine.

Some of it has worked like gangbusters, some (most?) of it has been a big fat flop.

The most frustrating part was that what seemed to work for others, didn't work for me.

I realize now that when the things I was trying weren't working it was because I had mismatch between my income model and the strategies I was using.

I had gotten sold strategies that worked for others who actually had different business models than I did!

But I couldn't see that because from the outside, their models looked to be what I wanted.

From the inside though, it wasn't anything like I thought it would be.

If you've been seeing people doing gangbusters with webinars and you wonder whether they will work for you and your business model, you've got to see these resources my friends and mentors Justin Livingston and Callan Rush put together.

First, the video: it gives you the behind the scenes of the business model shifts, changes and all the possibilities they considered before deciding to use webinars.

It's like a really great documentary.

Then, the training itself. A super in-depth training on which enrollment strategies will work best for you and your business model.

Before you make another business investment or decide on your next business steps, you must do it with your eyes open —Justin and Callan's video and training materials are a super start.

To your eyes wide open life and income,


PS — Enter your name and email address using this link and then watch their documentary style video that takes you behind the scenes into their business model decision-making process — it's HUGELY instructive.