The Eyes Wide Open Collective

Core Principles

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

– E. F. Schumacher

Living With Your
Eyes Wide Open

What does it mean to live with Eyes Wide Open? Financially? Lifestyle? Spiritually?

Living with your eyes wide open means coming into awareness of where you have been compromising your life as a result of a distorted view of resources. This is the ultimate path of “enlightened living” for the Householder, who chooses not to just leave it all behind for the pure life of a Sadhu, but instead makes the conscious choice to come fully present into life with friends, family, and community. Awake, aware choice making is at the heart of an Eyes Wide Open life.

What does it look like when we compromise our lives? The mind runs constantly, and you likely have a sneaking suspicion that you are not doing the work you came here to do in the world, nor living the life you were meant to live. If that’s true for you, it could be that you are compromising your life – whether through work or by remaining in mis-aligned relationships – because somewhere along the way, you told yourself that you must. You believe you do not have enough money to make a change. Or, perhaps you don’t have enough time. Or energy. Or attention.

Your mind spins with the questions: am I earning enough money? Am I using the resources I do have, wisely? Am I on the right path? Am I doing the work I am here to do? What am I doing anyway?

An Eyes Wide Open Life means holding these questions with curiosity, and coming into the awareness of where you are compromising so you can remember clearly who you are, why you are here, and what’s yours to do.

The "Enough" Equation

We believe that everyone can have Enough when we each make a commitment to learn and apply the Equation for Enough in our own lives.

The Equation for Enough is to know what you need, to know what you have to give, and to be able to ask, cleanly and clearly, for what you need in exchange for what you have to give.

When all people know what they need, and what they have to give, and can ask for it, we can collaborate and co-create in a good way.

Until then, people who do not know what they need will be a drain on the system or choose to hoard too many of the resources. People who do not know what they have to give will overgive to prove themselves or undergive because they can’t see the value. And people who cannot ask for what they need in exchange for what they have to give will often feel undervalued, overburdened and have their boundaries crossed constantly, creating a paradigm of victim energy and scarcity.

We can change this, together.

Money Dysmorphia

Money Dysmoprhia is the distorted view we have of our finances that causes us to make poor decisions around the use of our non-renewable assets of time, energy and attention in service to money, which is infinitely renewable, once we know how to access it. Once spent, time, energy and attention are gone and very difficult to get back. In contrast, money is easy to create, when your use of time, energy and attention is right-aligned.

The 8 Enterpreneurial Archetypes

Understanding the 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes allows you to tap into a resource flow model (or combination of multiple resource flow models) that serves your life and income in right alignment.

Unlike systems like Wealth Dynamics ® and the Enneagram, the Entrepreneurial Archetypes do not describe WHO YOU ARE, they teach you to leverage a resource flow model represented by each of the 8 entrepreneurial archetypes to allow you to use the resources you have in your life based on where you are on your evolutionary path, in highest service to you having your needs met so you can remember who you are, why you are here, and what’s yours to do.

The 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes are the Sage Supporter, Star Supporter, Sage Guide, Star Guide, Sage Connector, Star Connector, and Sage Creator, Star Creator.

Use the Money Map Life and Income Planning Series to get a big picture overview of all 8 and see how you can leverage one or more into the awake, aware and on your terms life and income you truly want.

Commit to Creating Your Life and Income Awake, Aware, Aware & On Your Terms!

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The LIFT Business Foundation

Once you’ve got your life and income right-aligned, it’s time to consider how to support it all with Eyes Wide Open legal, insurance, financial and tax foundations. We call that LIFTing your life and income to the next level.

Most people are operating in the dark when it comes to putting LIFT into their life and business. And it causes stress, strain and worry unnecessarily. When you know what you really need from a legal, insurance, financial and tax perspective, you can relax into just getting it done wth as much or as little help as you need. And, on a timeline that’s consciously chosen rather than the result of avoidance and procrastination.

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