Money is Infinite,

When You Know How to Work With It Using
Your Time, Energy & Attention Wisely

It’s time to stop the struggle, strain and worry about whether you have enough and see once and for all, that you DO, once you see what’s been hard to see

But it’s all about to get so much clearer …. Welcome!

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I am here to help you get good with money, and as a result make
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what you came here to do.

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You are here to step into your full empowered sovereignty with all the education and information you need to make the choices that allow you to remember: you are the supreme authority in your life, and a powerful co-creator in this world. We’d love you to step up now.

I believe that each one of us is here for a reason, and that when we make our decisions with money as the primary motivator (in ways we most often cannot see), we miss out on a lot of life, even (and often especially) if it all looks good on the surface.

I believe that many of our individual, family and collective world problems are born from a core wound of scarcity-based thinking and decision-making that can be healed, and must be, if we hope to come up with new solutions and possibilities for humanity. Starting with you.

I believe that getting good with money, and making great use of your non-renewable resources of time, energy and attention, is the foundational piece that is missing from most people’s lives.

I know you have access to everything you need to create the future you want, you just may not be able to see it all quite yet. But, when you can and do, life gets a whole lot better, uncovering what works to increase your income goes a whole lot quicker, and you are able to make the decisions that lead you from here to where you want to be, a whole lot faster.

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Money Dysmorphia

Almost Ruined My Life

and It May Be Ruining Yours Too

I did all the right things, but for all the wrong reasons, and what I discovered is that when that’s the case, it will never be enough.

I graduated first in my class from Georgetown University Law Center, spent a year at a prestigious clerkship on one for the highest courts in the US while also giving birth to my daughter, collected my 6-figure paycheck from one of the best law firms in the country, and then gave birth to my son, got divorced, built two million dollar plus businesses, wrote a best-selling book and appeared on all the top television and radio shows.

And then I walked away from it all, moved to a farm and filed bankruptcy, so I could find out what was really true about money
and this thing we pretend is success.

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